I am having fun!

Friday, August 15, 2008 5:44 AM

Dear Friends and Family!

Almost two busy days have passed me by since I've last written, and I am having some problems putting all my memories together! Yesterday, possibly my longest day here at the village, saw me going to watch the Women's Team Sabre (Fencing) event in the morning. Though we had horrible seats, sitting on the opposite side and opposite corner to where our women were fighting, we witnessed some very fast and fiery sword fighting! Our Canadians lost to France 45-22, so it wasn't really close. This was my first time watching live, World-class fencing, and it was fun to watch. With each hit, the attacking fighter would scream her head off as if it was she who had received a mortal blow! With 8 match ups per team event, and each mini-fight being the first fighter to reach 5 hits, AND the fact that there were 4 separate pistes where these team matches were being fought, there was a lot of screaming in that hall! It was really quite exhilarating! As soon as Canada was done, we rushed out to catch our bus back to the village. On returning to the village, I just had enough time to eat a small meal before I had to get back on a bus to take me to badminton.

At the badminton venue, we watched some quarter-final matches. There was nothing overly dramatic that was worth mentioning. From there, I took the bus back to the village, had a great workout, showered, napped and at 6 climbed onto yet another bus to go back to watch more of the quarter-finals at the badminton stadium...Again, there were some entertaining matches, but nothing like the mixed doubles drama that we saw the day before... In case you were wondering, that English mixed pair, Gail and Nathan, lost their match to a Korean pair in the next round...

I didn't get to bed until about 12:30am, and had to wake up about 7am to get ready for today. This morning, I hopped onto a bus at 8:30 to the badminton hall to do some training with Kaveh. From there, we took a taxi to watch some women's volleyball, Venezuala against Poland. Poland won very very easily...

Now I'm just biding my time before I take the bus to watch some semi-final matches at the badminton stadium....Sorry there isn't any more interesting news that I can bring you...I'm having lots of fun though...:)

Take care!



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