Greetings from Andrew Dabeka

March 30, 2008 0:14 AM

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I'm just sitting here in the Star Alliance Lounge in Warsaw airport before I fly back to Zurich for a couple of days.

The tournament here went ok. I made it to the semi-final, though my performance in the semi match was below average. That being said, I beat one of Indonesia's rising stars in the second round, which you can say was my match of the tournament. In THAT match, I played how I wanted to play, and performed at nearly my best level, which is what I have been striving for. I am happy about that!

My closest competitor for this Olympic spot, Bobby Milroy, also made the semi-final. He is inching his way closer to my position now with that result. With two more tournaments left before the end of the qualifying, I will gather my strength and intensity for one final push to achieve some great results and win my spot on the Olympic team....

I have a flight to catch....!

Take Care!



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