Greeting from Andrew Dabeka

Sat Sep 08 01:33:21 2007

Hello Friends!

One more week finished and another successful tournament under my belt. I lost in the semi-final earlier this evening, here at the Canadian Open in Saskatoon. Once again, I played well all week, and fought out some very difficult matches. My big win was against this young Japanese player yesterday in the quarter-final. I was down and out, trailing about 17-12 in the third game, but rallied back to 18-20. From there, I fought off two match points, and tied it up 20-all. From that point, the game went back and forth. I had a match point at 21-20, but lost the rally, then he later led 22-21, with his third match point, but I tied it up 22-all. I finally won the set and match 25-23! In the semi-final, I met the first seed, Lee Tseun Seng of Malaysia, and lost 21-13, 21-15. I didn't play badly, but he was sharper than I.

In terms of the Olympic qualification, this really helps me a ton. I am still ahead of my closest competition, Bobby Milroy (he lost in the quarter here). That being said, I must focus on performing to an even higher standard at the tournaments in the next 3 months. Bobby is playing well and I can't take anything for granted; there is still another 8 months left until the ranking period is finished, and anything can happen. Like I mentioned earlier, I will continue to focus on my performances and how to improve my game; that is the best I can do...So far it's working!!! :)

I am flying back to Ottawa tomorrow morning. Then Sunday morning I fly again to Japan for the Japan Open. After that, I am again back in Ottawa, but for a very long two weeks! I am REALLY looking forward to that!

All the best and goodnight from Saskatoon!


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