Greetings from Andrew Dabeka

Sunday, May 11, 2008 11:24 AM

Dear Friends and Supporters!

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia! We are here for the Thomas Cup (World Men's Team Championships), which is set to begin tonight. We're up against Nigeria. Tomorrow should be (only slightly) tougher, as we're playing the current World Champions, China.

I'm looking forward to the event, as usual, especially because we are in one of the most fanatical badminton nations in the world! The Indonesian people love their badminton here! It should be an amazing atmosphere playing in their badminton stadium, especially as the tournament progresses.

Jakarta is a huge city. I haven't seen much of it at all yet, just our hotel, the badminton stadium, and a couple of shopping malls. I think we should get a couple of days to roam around near the end of the event, which will be perfect!

I don't have any more news than that, but I will try to keep you all updated to the going-ons here.

All the best for now!



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