Company with ODBA Sponsorship


Details of ODBA Sponsorship

One of the ODBA objectives is to foster and promote the sport of badminton. As such, the ODBA Board is committed to supporting recreational and competitive badminton activities to maintain the current base of participants and to grow the sport within the Ottawa and District region. This includes adult and junior players of all calibres, from beginners considering to take up the sport, to intermediate players looking to improve their skills, to the national level players training at the High Performance Training Centre.

To achieve these objectives, ODBA solicits donations, gifts, grants and sponsorships by companies wishing to be associated with ODBA.


There are several ways that your club or company can sponsor ODBA activities:


Website acknowledgement (for the season from September to August)

Under "ODBA Sponsors" tab

    • Business card $50
    • Half page $100
    • Full page $200

Tournament sponsorship

    • Sponsor ODBA Dave Waddell Open Championships (such as "Company" presents Dave Waddell on all tournament advertisements) - $300
    • Sponsor ODBA Mark Grantham Team challenge - $500 (include company's name/logo on T-shirts for all participants)
    • Sponsor ODBA Sunday League for the season - $300
    • Sponsor ODBA High School Team Tournaments - $300


Donation of prizes for any event

    • Will be gratefully acknowledged


Ontario Winter Games Team 2008

    • Bronze sponsor - up to $99
    • Silver sponsor - up to $249
    • Gold sponsor - up to $499
    • Platinum - over $500


Please contact ODBA at ?/span>if you wish to discuss your company's package.


Thank you for your support.

All donations, big or small, will make a difference and are greatly appreciated.