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July 20, 2019 -XXVIII PAN AM JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS details, Ashok Saha from ODBA will be on the finals
July 17, 2019 - Indonesia Open Lin Dan vs Jason Ho-shue from Toronto... highlinght and full match
International level tournaments ... videos
Congratulations to Andrew D'Souza for his opportunity with CTV on the Jeff Vs.
Some suggested videos for training... from the China National team members
Karean National Team Coach and British Olympic Team Coach: Lee Jae Bok -
coach Lee's New Website:
2004 All England Final
MS: Lin Dan vs Peter Gade MD:Malaysia vs Denmark XD: All Korean
World Championship: 2003
XD-F4 XD-F6 XD-F7 2005-MS 2006-MS 2006-Taufik
Hong Kong Open:
2006-MS-F(2/3) HK2006-MS-F1 HK2006-MS-F2 HK2006-MS-F3 HK2006-MS-Final HK2006-MS-F4
2006-MD 2006-MS
Thomas Cup 2000
Taufik vs Ji Xinpeng
World Cup 2006
All England 2001:
MD-3 MD-6 MD-7 MD-3/3 MS
Taufik-Gate Malysia-open-2007 FedEx-China-Team Asia2006-MS-Final Lars Paaske chandra wijaya
Tony Gunawan Halim Haryanto Taufik-Hong Olympic2000-MD Danish2003-MDF1
Danish2003-MDF8 USopen1999-MD July 6, 2009 Taufik played Doubles with Tony Gunawan vs. Halim Haryanto & Howard Bach in LA
Japan Open
JP2006-MS XiaXuanZe-2003 Tcup2006-SF-MS Japan-LD Japan Open 2006
Tcup1981-MS Han vs Lim Tcup-1982-MS AE1985-MSSF Zhao vs Lim:game 1/2 game 2/2 Tcup1986-MD-Chn vs Dan
Coaching tips:
deceptive Smash-1Smash-2 Jump Smash Backhand Block 1 min rally
Racket control Great Rally Revolution Cup
Chinese commentary:
Return smash Slice Foot work Strategy Basic Foot works