New arrival

Aug 14, 2009 at 8:00 PM

Hi everyone,

I have been taking much too long to get this out. Our computer has been in the shop and we’ve been busy so I am just sending out something quickly with a couple of pictures.

Clark Evan Beres was born July 25th (on due date) at 11:14am in Ottawa. He was 8 pounds, ½ an ounce and measuring 21 inches long. He has dark hair, and blue eyes for now. He has very strong arms and legs and seems to be the quiet observer type. We feel so lucky because so far, he is a good sleeper, only waking up once a night or so to feed. He’s never really had a crying spell, and always calms down once he is changed or fed. He likes staring at picture frames and over his shoulder and to the left. He also likes to keep his eyes moving, stealing glances at you when he thinks you’re not looking, even though we mostly never take our eyes off of him. I was on parental leave for two weeks and it was hard to go back this week. I look forward to getting to see him when I get home. Just watching him can put a smile on my face. He is three weeks old tomorrow. Most parents say they think their child is the cutest baby they’ve ever seen, and I must admit, even with being aware of this biased fact, I am no exception. I think he’s the greatest.

Jo-Anne is doing really well. She’s very busy being a mom and will be off work with him for a year. I am so jealous. She looks good and each day gets more mobile. The only hitch we have had so far is that when Clark was born, he had jaundice and needed to stay in the hospital for 4 days instead of 3. He spent the last night getting phototherapy, wearing baby sunglasses while he was in a suntan bed. We’ve been taking him on walks and during these and all car rides, he falls asleep as soon as he sits in his car seat. We pray he remains the easiest child on the planet. The first picture is one week and the second is two weeks old.


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