Email from Mike Beres

Saturday, August 2, 2008 9:42 AM

Hi everyone,

I have arrived safely in Beijing. I have to start to get used to wearing a name tag on my neck again. It is quite hot here, but they are keeping the AC on high and so I was cold in the cafeteria tonight. The food looks good. I had some pizza, steamed broccoli, noodles, pumpkin, and chicken breast. For desert I had an ice cream bar on steroids- lots of chocolate. I went to look at McDonald's at the end, but ordered only a yoghurt cup with blueberries and peaches.

We don't get our clothing until tomorrow, but it's fun to see what everyone is wearing. The Swiss team has a really nice set of clothes. The US team are the only badminton players I've seen so far. I think we are all really tired- Jean-Paul, Val and I. I just had a 20 minute massage to get the flying legs out. My legs were really tight on the plane this time. Now I'm off to bed at 9:37pm to try to be able to stay up all day tomorrow. I'm almost falling asleep while I'm writing this. I hope it makes sense. Tomorrow we get our clothes at 11am and then it's right off to practice. Andrew comes in tomorrow, and Anna the next.

Day one already over.


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