Email from Mike Beres

Sunday, August 3, 2008 10:06 AM


I forgot to tell everyone in previous e-mails. The draw is out. We play Thailand- #7 in the world. It will be tough. You can check it out by going to and clicking on the Olympic draws section. It's on the bottom left. Then click on the mixed. The times are now out too.

The last few days has been only a few clouds and blue skies. Pollution wasn't visible. As tonight came on, it started to get a little hazy so maybe things can change in a hurry. It was super hot here today. Cooking sun, and little breeze. It was much hotter than Athens four years ago.

We practised today. I slipped twice on the portable courts, but otherwise the practice hall was very good. A professional looking setup and it was a big stadium type which will be good practise for the 12th when we play.

I've had two massages already. I like being able to get a massage a day. I'm signed up for one tomorrow too. Val and I are going to workout every morning. Our first day was an easy bike to get out the plane legs. Val got a bloody nose after 20 minutes. I was feeling dry eyes on the plane and she was ok. She's been itchy dry here and I feel fine now.

The computers in the business centre are good. The ones in the Athlete's section of the COC are very slow. When I tried to use Skype earlier in the day it was in the Canada area and I kept forgetting things. I decided to walk up the stairs and we are on the 6th floor. I think I've gone up 12 times today. I'm not sure how long I can last like this.

Every athlete from Canada gets a phone. It can do internet and you can even get hotmail sent to it. We get 250 minutes and texts don't count. Home to Canada uses time faster so the 250 would't last very long. Skype is better. This time, after the Games, we get to keep the phone. Another difference for all of you who've gone before, the Canada House (place for family and friends to go) is serving full meals this time that are complimentary.


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