ODBA Junior Ranking

Last updated: Dec 3, 2023

Listed below are the rules and regulations for junior ranking tournament governed by ODBA

starting 2019-2020 season, ODBA Junior Athlete of the year will receive $100 award.

Purposes of junior ranking:

  • Recognitions of players’ achievements who competed in local tournaments
  • Develop District player rankings to support seeding in local tournaments, including providing seeding input to District championships
  • Encourage participation in District events from all District junior players – clubs and schools
  • Provide a “tool” where players and parents can track player progress
  • Recognize clubs for supporting the development of players
  • Provide a tangible benefit for clubs to join the ODBA

Rankings are for affiliated players, if you are not a member of any ODBA affiliated clubs, your name will not be appeared in the ODBA ranking system.

Ranking results from tournaments in last 12 months period, rankings are based on results for 12 months period. After each tournament, the new results replace those of the tournament of the same name last year.

Athlete of the Year Award: a player's total points in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles are added for a total score. The highest total score after the last tournament of the year for boy and girl in each age group is awarded Athlete of the Year. Athlete of the Year Award is normally handout during Fall AGM in early November. Please note that when a player received the most total ranking points in more than one age categories, that player will receive the outstanding athlete award for higher age group and the next total ranking point player in lower age-group will receive the outstanding athlete award.Outstanding Athlete Awards only be given out when we have 2 or more junior ranking tournaments with ODBA Junior Championships included. If ODBA Junior Championships is cancelled for some reasons (in case of covid), 4 or more junior ranking tournaments are required for giving out awards.

Tournament organizers: Conditions for junior tournaments in Ottawa to be ranked tournaments

  1. Send the list of tournaments to junior ranking officer (Richard Zheng, yichaozheng@hotmail.com) and cc Junior Development Director Thuy Pham, thuyp12c5@gmail.com> on tournaments to be ranked for the season. Junior ranking officer will update junior ranking website for tournaments to be ranked this year. If the request was not responded in a timely manner, the request should be forwarded to BOD for a better response. Normally tournaments that were ranked in previous year should easily be approved for this year. Please send tournament schedule ahead of time, by mid-September. If submitted later, we may consider but no guarantee.
  2. A maximum of 4 ranked tournaments from the same club.
  3. It should be advertised on flyer of the tournament that the tournament is an ODBA junior ranked tournament so that the participants expect it to be a ranked tournament. Only events listed on the flyer can be used for ranking. New event added on tournament day cannot be ranked.
  4. Tournaments should follow normal badminton rules such as allowing coaching between games. If it is a 1 game 21 point, coach should be allowed to coach at 11. Follow BON rule with exception that coach doesn’t need to be certified.
  5. Seeding of players should be based on a combination of national, provincial and district junior ranking. Tournament organizers may use information on player performance not reflected in known rankings and adjust their tournament seeding to ensure equitable access to ranking points for all players. Organizers must be prepared to provide rationale for their decision upon request
  6. The results should be sent to junior ranking officer at a timely manner so that ranking officer can process the ranking before next tournament. Template will be provided when requested. Junior development committee can help generating the result excel sheet but we do need participant list (with player year born and club info) and draw results (copy of draws) so that we can assign correct ranking points.

Please note Ranking is a complex process, so errors may occur. Please advise us if you find an error with your ranking. You should know that your results will NOT appear if your Club did not pay affiliation fees to the District for you. Please consult with your club officials to see if you are on their affiliated player list. If you are an affiliated member of another club than the one shown in these rankings, you may ask that the Club name be changed.

Since the season usually starts in September and end in August of next year we will count results for the whole season to determine final standing for Outstanding Athletes. Tournaments starting in September are the beginning tournament of the season and eligibility will be based on the coming season (eg Tournament on September 2015 will be based on 2015-2016 Eligibility).

Ranking points distribution and condition

Ranking Tournaments
and Points 2019-20
Main draw AConsolation draw B
Entered number123/45/834B1B2
Other ODBA Junior ranking tournaments2520128151075
ODBA Junior District
NoteFor ranking points for 1st to 3rd - need 3 or more entries
For ranking points for 4th and B1 - need 7 or more entries
For ranking points for 5th to 8th and B2 - need 17 or more entries

Athlete Eligibility

The ODBA follows athlete eligibility criteria as determined by Badminton Ontario. Athlete Eligibility can be found here and applies to all ODBA ranked tournaments: https://www.badmintonontario.ca/ontario-provincial-championships/

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