ODBA Policy on Financial Assistance to Juniors


Registering under its overall mandate of fostering the development of badminton in the Ottawa district, the ODBA sets aside some funds every year to encourage junior player participation in high performance tournaments. This document describes the details of this financial assistance program.


At the end of each badminton season, the ODBA provides financial assistance to junior players who traveled long distances to participate in high performance tournaments. This payment is done once, at the end of the season, once the ODBA has received all information necessary to calculate the actual amounts to be awarded. Eligible players can expect to receive an amount up to $50 for each of their participation in eligible tournaments. Eligibility criteria are identified in the next section.

A "participation" is defined as one player competing in one eligible high performance tournament. For instance, if this player participates in 3 eligible tournaments during a season, he/she will have accumulated 3 participations in the context of this financial assistance program.

The actual amount to be provided for each participation may vary from year to year depending on two factors:

1.   The total funds made available for this program for a given fiscal year; and

2.   The total number of participations claimed by all eligible players.

Example 1: If we assume that for one given fiscal year, the ODBA has $1500 to allocate to this program and at the end of the year, a total of 30 participations are claimed by players, the actual amount to be given out per participation would be $1500/30=$50 per participation. A single player who accumulated 3 participations during the season would therefore receive 3 x $50 = $150 at the end of the season.

Example 2: Assuming the same $1500 is available but this time, a total of 40 participations are claimed by players. The actual amount per participation would therefore be: $1500/40=$37.50, so a player with 3 participations would get $112.50 (3 x $37.50).

Example 3: Again, assuming the same $1500 is available however a total of 20 participations only are claimed by players. Since $1500 divided by 20 is higher than $50, the actual amount per participation would be $50. One player with 3 participations would get $150. Program funds remaining would be carried over and added to the amount allocated to this program by the ODBA for the follow on year.

Eligibility criteria

High performance tournaments include all tournaments for which the OBA awards provincial ranking points for junior players (up to and including U19). These tournaments are identified on the OBA web site.

In order for a player's participation in a high performance tournament to be eligible for financial assistance under this program, the following criteria must be met:

1.   the player must be member of one of the ODBA affiliated clubs prior to participating;

2.   the distance between the tournament location and the player's home address must be greater than 100km (as confirmed by Google maps); and

3.   the player must be representing Ontario in the case of a national tournament granting OBA points.



How to benefit from this assistance

It is the responsibility of each player to claim their eligible participations to the ODBA. This claim must be submitted to the Director of Junior Development no later than 15 days after the completion of the last high performance tournament of a season. Submitting a claim is as simple as sending an email or communicating with the director to identify the junior player, his/her home address and the qualifying high performance tournaments in which he/she took part during the season. Once this deadline has passed and information has been validated, the ODBA will determine the amounts to be provided as described before and send out the financial assistance checks. Claims submitted after this deadline will not be entertained as the available funds will already have been spent by the ODBA.