RSL/RA Masters Open 2009

RA Centre, Ottawa February 6-8, 2009

AgeMens SinglesMens DoublesLadies' DoublesMixed Doubles
"A" 1st: Martin Gagne
"A" 2nd: Mark Johnson

"A" 1st: Mike Levasseur / Mike Robertson
"A" 2nd: Christian Giroux / Stéphane Beaumont
"B" 1st: JIm Fong / Nick Fong
"B" 2nd: Mark Johnson / Wai Fai Lee
"C" 1st: Raymond Cote / Sylvain Lareau
"C" 2nd: Lorne Petterson / Ben Brown
"D" 1st: Manfred Cantal / Shaw Quan
Finalist "D": Ken Luu & Yonjin Chang

1st: Dominique Guertin / Johanne Plourde
2nd: Debbie McCoy & Jana Kriz

1st: Yiwen Jiang & Nick Fong
2nd: Cindy Stuart / Jim Fong
3rd: Dominic Guertin & Wai Fai Lee
1st: Pierre Gaudet
2nd: Manfred Cantal

"A" 1st: Mike Levasseur / Mike Robertson
"A" 2nd: Christian Giroux / Stéphane Beaumont
"B": Nick Fong / Jim Fong
"C" 1st: Shaw Quan / Manfred Cantal

"C" 2nd: Lorne Petterson / Ben Brown
1st: Chris Dorey & Debbie McCoy
2nd: Cinday Stuart /Jim Fong
Consolation: Thuy Nguyen & Lorne Petterson
1st: Ian Bishop
2nd: Peter Christensen

1st: Chris Dorey & Ian Bishop
2nd: Michel Martel & Martin Roussey

1st: Fei Tam / Johanne Plourde
2nd: Lyne Tessier / Debbie McCoy

1st: Chris Dorey / Debbie McCoy
2nd: Fei Tam / Michel Martel
60+  "A"
1st: Ian Bishop & Lane Bickel
2nd: Peter Christensen & Tony Garcia
Roger Huestis / Paul L'ltalien defeat Phil Yang / AK yang 21-15, 21-10
Ferdy Doreleyers / On Ting Woo

1st: Helen Koh & Shirley Birmboim
2nd: Kay Marshall & Shirley Graham

1st: Joan Bell & Tony Garcia
2nd: Helen Koh & Peter Christensen
Winner and finalist of MS30+ Winner and finalist of MS40+ Winner and finalist of MS50+
"A" Winner and finalist of XD40+ Winner and finalist of XD60+ Runner-ups and 3rd of LD50+
Winner & Finalist of LD 30+ "A" Winner & Finalist of MD 30+,40+ "C" Finalist of MD 40+
Winner & Finalist of MD 60+ "C" Winner of MD 60+ Winner of LD50+
"C" Winner of MD 40+ "B" Winner of MD60+ Winner of LD60+
Winner and finalist of XD50+ Just enjoying the competition ... "A" Winner and finalist of XD30+
Winner of 50+ MD ODBA top juniors were running the draw desk smoothly Chris Dorey of RA and Debbie McCoy from Woodstock dominated the 40+ and 50+ mixed Doubles


The success of this event is the result of a great team work contributed by the ODBA vice president Jana Kriz, the presdent Fei Tam, RA professional Mike Bitten and the top district juniors Qufei Chen, Sergy Shatenko and Andrew D'Souza. Many thanks to RSL North Amerca for the generous support. Thanks to the players from Montreal, Toronto, Woodstock and Ottawa District. Your participation had made this event memorable! Hope to see you all back next year!!

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