Ottawa District Badminton Association

From 1900 to 1942

By Joe Hager, Ottawa
Table of Contents
1. Introdution2. The Golden Years3. Ottawa Region 1924-1925
4. Ottawa Region 1924-19255. Ottawa Region 1925-19266. Ottawa region 1926-1927
7. Ottawa Region 1928-19298. The Inaugural Year9. O.D.B.A 1930-1931
10. O.D.B.A. 1931-193211. O.D.B.A. 1932-193312. O.D.B.A. 1933-1934
13. O.D.B.A. 1934-193514. O.D.B.A. 1935-193615. O.D.B.A. 1936-1937
16. O.D.B.A. 1937-193817. O.D.B.A. 1938-193918. O.D.B.A. 1939-1940
19. O.D.B.A. 1940-194120. O.D.B.A. 1941-194221. O.D.B.A. 1942-1943
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About the Author
Joe Hager - Was President of the Ottawa District Badminton Association form 1983 to 1987. During that period the District grew to 35 adult and 10 junior clubs. It hosted 3 Canadian Open Championships, a demonstration by the Chinese Nation Junior Team and numerous National and Provincial Championships. He has also assisted with several National Senior/Masters Championships hosted in the District over the years. He was Vice-chairman of the Ottawa/The Hague Twinning Games in the early 90's which saw the District send a group of recreational and competitive players to The Hague, The Netherlands as well as hosted teams from that city on two occasions. The information here, is the result of 3 years of research and is provided with the hope that it will give badminton players in the District a sense of their past and maybe encourage someone to add to this base information and bring the District's history more up to date.

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