2008 ODBA New Years Badminton Tournament Results
Results / Résultats
Congratulations to the top 4 athletes in each age category & event. / Félicitations aux 4 athlètes en premières positions de chaque catégorie d'âge & discipline.
U12     Boys and Girls    
GOLD Aiden Russell Jodie Anderson Danielle Cantal & Dominique  Lalonde    
SILVER Kevin Cheng Beatrix Wong Aiden Russell & Ipellie Foo    
BRONZE Ippellie Foo Lan-Linh Truong Jodie Anderson & Lan-Linh Truong    
4th Steve Lam Claudie Coulombe Steve Lam & Francis Coulombe    
GOLD Austin Flannigan Dominique Lalonde Samy Coulombe & Manuel Asistores   Samy Coulombe & Danielle Cantal
SILVER Samy Coulombe Danielle Cantal Gabriel Chauvin & Austin Flannigan   Alexandre Lalonde & Dominique Lalonde
BRONZE Gabriel Chauvin May Nash Justin Chow & Raymond Wang   Ipellie Foo & Jodie Anderson
4th Manuel Asistores Katie Lebrun Nick Aydemir & Jeffrey Zhang   Jeffrey Zhang & Lan Linh Truong
U16       U14 and U16 combined  
GOLD Dan Nguyen Jessican Fang Dan Nguyen& Kevin Cao Jessica Fang & Jessie Luo  
SILVER Kevin Cao Serena Foo François Guertin & David Brunet Dominique Lalonde & Danielle Cantal  
BRONZE François Guertin Jessie Luo Olivier Chauvin & Jay Flannigan Serena Foo & Jinny Son  
4th Matthew Aydemir Jinny Son Austin Flannigan & Kyle Cantal    
GOLD Bowei Han   James Richmond & Boyuan Zhang   Jenna Flannigan & Jean-Phillippe Chauvin
SILVER James Richmond   Bowie Han & Michael Sullivan   Jessie Luo & David Chan
BRONZE Jean-Philippe Chauvin   Jean-Phillippe Chauvin & Wilson Wong   Kevin Cao & Jessica Fang
4th Michael Sullivan   Hao Shi & David Chan   Hao Shi & Serena Foo
U23   U19 & U23 combined   U19 & U23 Combined  
GOLD Jozzeppi Foo Jenna Flannigan Michael Tran & Francis Wong Jenna Flannigan & Olga Gabroussenok Michael Tran & Dorothy Lui
SILVER Alan Fok Olga Gabroussenok Jozzepi Foo & Andrew Nguyen Dorothy Lui & Kimberly Leung Jozzeppi Foo & Jessica Jiang
BRONZE Julien Beauchamp Esther Son Alan Fok & Joshua Chan Esther Son & Lisa Shi Alan Fok & Lisa Shi
4th Eric Teh  NA  Julien Beauchamp & Corey Hum NA Julien Beauchamp & Olga Gabroussenok
Special salute to U19/U23 Triple Crown Winner: Jenna Flannigan
On behalf of the ODBA, I would like to thank all clubs who participated in this event:   Soong Badminton Academy
  Club de badminton junior d'Orléans
  Deep River Badminton Club
  Hintonburgh Badminton Club
  Cornwall Badminton Club
  Vars Badminton Club
  University of Ottawa
  Kanata Junior Badminton Club
  RA Club   
  Club de Badminton L'Escale
This event could not have been possible without the generous contributions of our volunteers. On behalf of the ODBA I sincerely thank all of you.
A Special thanks to VICTOR CANADA for sponsoring this tournament. They provided us with some awesome prizes.