Our Masters

The 62rd Canadian Masters Badminton Championship

RA Centre, Ottawa

April 20-25., 2009

Over 285 badminton players age 35+ came from different countries had participated in the Canadian Masters Badminton tournament that took place at RA Badminton Club during the week of April 20-25.

Ottawa Players had showed the hosptality to players from afar. Many local players offered billets and volunteered to help out to drive the shuttle vans between the hotel and the badminton courts.

During a week long competetion, the master players had not only played hard but also enjoyed a welcome receiption and two dinner parties. They departed Ottawa with fond memories of friendship and looking forward to the next master tournament.

Life is soooo good when you are able to play badminton to the ripe old age and to meet friends in parties!

MD 75+ Finalists Mark Grantham and Arthur Brown, Winners James Bosco and Harrison OrrTV Character Costume Party on Thursday night.Joyce Jones, the triple crown of 75+ from Califonia, won the best female costume award at the party.
LD 70+ Finalists Natsuko Cyr and Yoshiko Ueki, Winners Joyce Jones and Claire Bowyer LD 75+ Winners Claire Bowyer & Joyce Jones. Finalists Betty Thompson & Helen NethercottLD 80+ Winners Betty Thompson & Helen Nethercott, Finalists Lee Calvert & Glafyra Ennis
Players from Alberta in the Dalmatians costume. Our table at the banquetGreat Costumes at the Dinner Dance party on Thursday
Frank Melvin,Ufilya Davis,Jim Duberry XD 55+ Consolation Winners: Peter Christensen & Fei TamBill & Sandy Metcalf, husband & wife winners
Ottawa Players Kay Marshall and Lynne BurnsGetting into the act!Father Dick & Nun Pat
The most boring part of the event was waiting in the airport. Don't ever connect in Chicago! Joyce & Eliana Schroder from Peru at the Saturday night Dinner & Dance Party. So long! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the next Master Tournament!! Guess who are with Mari Lee and Joyce, Harry?

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Congratulations to all players!

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