Affiliation has its Privileges

Why be a member of an O.D.B.A. Affiliated Club?

The Ottawa and District Badminton Association (ODBA) is the official representative of the sport of Badminton in Eastern Ontario. The ODBA was established in the 1929-1930 season and is a member of Badminton Ontario. Badminton Ontario in turn is a member of Badminton Canada, the Pan-American Conference and ultimately the Badminton World Federation.

Membership in a club affiliated within the ODBA family entitles you and your club to the direct and indirect policies and programs initiated by any of the organizations listed above.

ODBA members have represented Canada at the Olympic Games, Pan-AM Games, Commonwealth Games and have won World Championships in their age categories and numerous National Championships at the Junior and Open levels.

Club Benefits

Clubs are eligible to participate in the yearly bulk shuttle purchase program

Clubs are eligible to receive special pricing from Oliver for Badminton Supplies

Clubs may purchase Group Insurance at the provincially negotiated rates and includes General Liability as well as coverage for Directors and Officers in terms of Errors and Omissions. Sport Accident coverage is also available through this offering

Clubs are eligible to receive one free coaching session per season from a National Certified Coaching Program (NCCP) level coach

Clubs are eligible to receive assistance in the running of club tournaments

Player Benefits

Players are eligible to enter district, provincial, national and international tournaments based on their playing abilities

Players will not subject to any surcharges for district tournaments

Players are eligible to take National Coaching Certification Program Badminton specific technical instructional from certified NCCP course instructors

Players are eligible to take Umpiring, Refereeing and Linesperson training from certified instructors.

Junior players entering tournaments will be entered into the ODBA Junior Ranking System and therefore become candidates for male and female player of the year honours in each of the age categories (Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19)

Special Benefits (Through ODBA Support for the Sport of Badminton)

The ODBA has created a special fund to support affiliated junior and adult athletes achieve their dreams of competing at national and international levels. ODBA distributes over $2000 to area athletes each year.

The ODBA trains, prepares and sends a team of junior players to the Ontario Winter Games (OWG) every other year.

ODBA Volunteers are active within both the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association (NCSSAA) and Eastern Ontario Secondary School (EOSSAA) Badminton season. Supporting and coaching students in their quest to qualify for the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletic Association (OFSSAA) Provincial Championships.

Likewise ODBA Volunteers are active at the elementary and middle schools throughout the region, promoting the sport and developing tomorrow's champions.

Support the clubs that support the Sport of Badminton

Join an affiliated club and provide your support to the sport we love!

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