BWF World Championships 2011

London, England August 8-14, 2011

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Events Gold Silver
Men's Singles Dan Lin (CHN) Chong Wei Lee (MaS)
Women's Singles Yihan Wang (CHN) Shao chieh Cheng (Taipei)
Men's Doubles Yun Cai/Haifeng Fu (CHN) Sung Hyuen Ko / Yeon Seng Yoo (Kor)
Women's Doubles Xiaoli Wang / Yang (F) Yu (CHN) Qing Tian / Yunlei Zhao (CHN
Mixed Doubles Nan Zhang / Yunlei Zhao   (CHN) Chris Adcock / Imogen Bankier (England-Scotland)
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Badminton is played by four million people in England and by 250 million people worldwide. It is the sixth most participated sport in England and is recognised as the fastest racket sport. For further information please visit the Badminton England website

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