18th BWF World Championships 2010

Paris, France August 23-29, 2010

Official website: http://www.yonexbadminton2010.com/

Events Gold Silver
Men's Singles Jin Chen (CHN) videos Taufik Hidayat (INA)
Women's Singles Lin Wang (CHN) videos Xin Wang (CHN)
Men's Doubles Yun Cai/Haifeng Fu (CHN) videos Kien Keat Koo & Boon Heong Tan (Mas)
Women's Doubles Jing Du/ Yang (F) Yu (CHN) videos Jin Ma / Xiaoli Wang (CHN)
Mixed Doubles Bo Zheng / Jin Ma   (CHN) Hanbin He / Yang (F) Yu (CHN)

Aug 29, 2010

Aug 27, 2010 - Biggest upset in quarter finals - Chongwei Lee & Dan Lin are both out!

Aug 24, 2010:

Aug 23, 2010:

David Snider and Anna Rice have won their fir round of world Championship ... draws

Gold Medals Contenders:

  1. Malaysia: Lee Chong Wei – Men’s Singles ranked #1, All England 2010 Champion, Men’s Singles seeded #1 for this tournament… but he haven’t once won this title yet; Men’s Doubles seeded #1 Kien Keat Koo & Boon Heong Tan are also from Malaysia but Malaysian haven’t be able to win any gold medal in world Championship since 1977. Malaysia gornverment has raised the gold medal bonus for individual from $9500 US to $15,000 US to stimulate the players to reach the hope for any gold medal.
  2. China: Lin Dan – Winner of four gold medals: Mens Singles of 2008 Olympic, 2006, 2007 & 2009 World Championship. He ranked #3 just because he missed quite a few Super Series Tournaments this year. The 4th seed Chen Jin and 10th seed Bao Chunlai and 1st seed ladies Doubles Jin Ma & Xiaoli Wang are all able to get the gold medals. Head Coach Li Yongbo expected his team to capture at least 3 gold medals. He has commanded his player not to challenge any umpiring decisions regardless of any errors may occur.
  3. Indonesia: Taufik Hidayat – Mens Singles seeded #5, Gold medalist of 2004 Olympic, 2005 World Champion and twice Asia Champion (2002 & 2010). Ever since he got married and become a father, his world ranking has slipped. This summer his second child, a boy has arrived. At the age of 29, he felt the age has caught up with him. He said he may retire before the next Olympic in London.
  4. Denmark:Peter Gade – Men’s Singles seeded #2 for this tournament A talented player had mastered both West & East style of play for over 20 years. At 34, his peak is over, but he still able to post a threat in the finals

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