C XVI Pan Am Championships 2010 Team Event

XVI Pan Am Championships 2010 Team Event

Curitiba, Brazil

Oct 19-20, 2010

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2919 - final results

Match final score 3:1
1 XDNg, Toby / Gao Grace (CAN) vs Jinadasa Nicholas / Wang Iris (USA)21-17,21-120:23
2 MSWojcikiewicz Stephan (CAN) vs Pongnairat Sattawat (USA)21-18, 13-21,18=210:45
3 WS Li Michelle(CAN) vs Ketpura Cee Nantan (USA)21-15, 21-170:26
4 MDLiu Adrian / Ng Derrick (CAN) vs Nguy Vincent / Gunatileka Sameera (USA)21-18, 21-140:25
5 WDReid Charmaine / Ko Joycelyn (CAN) vs Derrick (CAN) vs Wang Iris / Wang Rena (USA)  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - match overview

Canadian team did well in Group A against US and Chile

Match overview in group A agaist Chile:
1 XDNg, Toby / LI Michelle (CAN) vs Araya Ortiz Cristian / Macaya Salinas Camila (CHI)21-13,21-130:20
2 WSReid Charmaine(CAN) vs Villegas Norambuena Natalia (CHI)21-12, 21-90:21
3 MSWojcikiewicz Stephan (CAN) vs Araya Ortiz Cristian (CHI)21-8, 21-110:20
4 WD Gao Grace / Ko Joycelyn (CAN) vs gas Norambuena Natalia / Macaya Salinas Camila(CHI)21-12, 21-80:21
5 MDLiu Adrian / Ng Derrick (CAN) vs Mujica Peralta Esteban / Trigo Alfaro Andres (CHI)21-12, 21-140:17

... detail draws

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