ODBA Open Tournament 2022

June 18, 2022

Centre Sportif de Gatineau 850 Bd de la Gappe, Gatineau, QC J8T 7T7

Events Results
Mens Singles and MS scores
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan, 2nd - Kevin Wilson
"B" 1st - Methira Herath, 2nd - Victor Lai
"C" 1st - Grigory Didur, 2nd - Landen Jelley
"D" 1st - Sanmeet Chahal, 2nd - Faith Gunner
Ladies Singles and LS scores
"A" 1st - Ying Jian, 2nd - Katie Fong
"B" 1st - Meagan Laforge, 2nd - Chi Vancox
Mens Doubles and MD scores
"A" 1st - Venkatesh Agarwal & Will Fang, 2nd - Yalina De Silva & Tharusha Herath
"B" 1st - Grigory Didur & Reath Roth, 2nd- Suneet Dixit & Karan Jadhav
"C" 1st - Steve Lam & Michael Yuen, 2nd - Zacharie Lafreniere & Cédéric Pierre
"D" 1st - Ryan Zhu & Jeremty Cote, 2nd - Isaac Seow Yew Keat & Kai Hoedeman
Ladies Doubles and LD scores:
"A" 1st - Diana Zhao & Ying Jian, 2nd - Valérie Daoust & Vy Nguyen
"B" 1st - Katie Fong & Dani Roth, 2nd - Linda Mills & Le Hoa Tan
Mixed Doubles and XD scores:
"A" 1st - Venkatesh Agarwal & Dani Roth, 2nd - Austin Flannigan & Devika Gunawardena
"B" 1st - Steve Lam & Vy Nguyen , 2nd - Vachan Dev & Linda Mills
"C" 1st - Gregory Didur & Valerie Daoust, 2nd - Simon Baribeau & Le Hoa Tan
"D" 1st - Roy Hoople & Meagan Laforge, 2nd - Yourwin Costales & Tanya Coronel

All pictures:

Action pictures... click here
Winner & Runner-up of XD-DThe youngest participant - 11 years old Varvara-Iakutova A visitor from Toronto, Vachan Dev, jump in to replace an injured player... with borrowed racket and shoes from 2 different friends, he & Linda made it to the XD - B final!
More winners pictures ... click here. ... and ... more action pictures.

Many thanks to all participants and volunteers who made this event a success!

Draw DeskThuy Pham, Fei Tam
Prizes preparation and distribution Oliver Sports Canada & Thuy Pham
UmpireThuy Pham
T-shirts order and distributionFei Tam
Food for volunteersDixon Lee
Timers & Court arrangements & clean upsChhouk & Chhanthy Roth
Photos Victor Lai, Dixon Lee
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Dixon Lee

See you all next year!!

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