Ontario Winter Games 2023 - ODBA Team

Februrary 9 - 12, 2023, Petawawa

ODBA Announcement

ODBA is pleased to announce that Silvesta Ng and Emily McConnell have been chosen as coach and manager respectively for the ODBA OWG 2023 Team. They return and hope to repeat their success at the previous Games in 2020.

The ODBA Team

The Games will be held February 9-12th in Petawawa. The age group for the event is U23 (born 2001 or later)

Team members

  1. Marika Brunet
  2. Yiyan Huang
  3. Meagan Larforge
  4. Dani Roth
  5. Diana Zhao
  6. Ellen Zhang
  1. Yalina De Silva
  2. William Fang
  3. Ajay Goplan
  4. Methira Herath
  5. Reath Roth
  6. Ryan Zhu

Results: Ottawa team won the silver!

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Congratulations to the ODBA-OWG Team 2023!

If you would like to share your information and comments, please email to: odbaweb@gmail.com