National Capital School Athletic Associations (NCSAA)

NCSSAA 2016 - Conference City finals

April 26, 2016 at Confederation High School

Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Boys Singles Franco CiteFelix Lafortune-Lemieux Sir Robert BordenWilliam Zhao Mother TheresaBen Nguyen Franco Cite JrSebastien Bercier
Girls Singles BellAswini Ganesh Louis RielKalie Rheaume Sir Robert BordenVaralika Tyagi Longfield DavidsonDulini Rathnasooriya
Boys Doubles Colonel ByMinh Pham & Michael Duang Franco Cite SrBrendan Dinsdale & Frederic-Louis Khalid-Leroux Sir Robert BordenWilson Chan & Callum Chan Earl Of MarchDavin Dai & Frank Yu
Girls Doubles Lisgar JrJessica Cai & Jenny Lei Colonel ByLisa Tang & Elina Ma Lisgar SrLauren Liu & Celina Chen Bell Grace Wang & Soumya Srinivasan
Mixed Doubles Longfield DavidsonDinu Heiyantuduwa & Madusha Gamage Franco Cite JrRyan Massey-Smith & Maya Given BellChi-Chung Cheung & Felicia Jiang MerivaleJake Lochhead & Kate Lochhead

Top 2 winners of each event will be qualified to compete in the OFSSAA at North Bay on May 5- 7, 2016. If a qualified player is unable to go, then next winner of that event will be given the chance to go to OFSSAA

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