Jan 26-27, 2013 at RA Centre, Ottawa

Congratulations to the following participants who had succesifully completed their NCCP Level 1 Technical course:
This course was subsidized by the ODBA for ODBA affiliated clubs and their members.
The coaches listed below passed the course. Congratulations!

  • John Yuen (Blackburn)
  • Jessica Choi(Blackburn)
  • Rosalind Wong (Blackburn)
  • Ivan Meouch (Blackburn)
  • Henry Saint Fleur (Orleans Junior)
  • Eric Dion (Orleans)
  • Guy Lecourt (Orleans)
  • Joey Zhou (Deep River)
  • Davendra Sharma (Greely)
  • Annila Tharakan (Holy Trinity)
  • Daoxing Chen (Kanata)
  • Vu Dao (Kanata/Holy Trinity)
  • Peter Hambali (Kanata/Holy Trinity)
  • Tony Eng (Longfield)
  • Paul Moss (Manotick)
  • Edward Yang Xu (OCCY/TTVG)
  • John Nung (OCCY/TTVG)
  • Anshuman Tyagi (RA)
  • John Russell (RA)
  • Giulian De La Merced (RA)
  • Cheryl Clarke (RA)
  • Kevin Marleau (Rockland)
  • Serge Boily (Rockland)
  • Sylvain Coulombe (SBA)
  • Chyna Liu (SBA/Holy Trinity)
  • Meng Koh (Swallow)
  • Gary Santia (Swallow)
  • Prashant D'Costa (Westboro)

Special thanks to the individuals or organizations below for making this clinic happen:

  • Tam, Fei : assistant course conductor examiner.
  • Bitten, Mike : providing shuttles
  • Ghana, Pry : providing the Essentials Manuals in a timely manner
  • ODBA : course promotions on their website
  • RA Badminton executive : providing court time
  • RA Club : providing the meeting rooms
  • Badminton Ontario : providing course promotions, and delivery of course materials in a timely manner

Kevin Willington
NCCP Level 1 Technical Course Conductor
NCCP Level 3 Coach