Oliver-ODBA "Mark Grantham" Team Championship 2022

March 12, 2022 at Franco Cite H.S in Ottawa

Team Line-ups, score sheets, Over all results and action pictures.
  Winners Runner-ups
A Kartikay Team Kartikay Tyagi, Joseph Rogers , Victor Chan , Austin Flannigan, Sashini Senerath, Kalie Rheaume, Min Zhao,Joanne Sze Happy To Be Here William Fang, Cedric Hupe-Pageau, Liam Woodside, Ipellie Foo, Jess Fang, Serena Lam, Dana Potthier, Nia Patel
B No String AttachedGlen Gong, Sam Lau, Alex Dakin, Kenny Yuen, Cindy Wu, Katherine ChengLi, Dominique Lalonde, Jackie Tsang We Don't Even Go ThereLeo Lai, Victor Lai, Devon Hamilton, San Dang, Emily McConnell, Maeyen Chua, Kimloung Lim, Christl Cheng
C Bird Beasts Joel Lavigne, Thierry Lavigne, David Brunet , Martin Jutras, Chi Van, My-Yem Quach, Aarthy Ganesh, Sally Liang Permanent ProcrastinatorsGregory Didur, Richard Xu, Alex Hemmerich, James Chen Valerie Daoust, Vy Nguyen, Maya Given, Jackie Huang
D Rusty Rackets Matt Medbury, Amish Servansing, Dixon Lee, Alan Fok, Luckana W., Lea Vaillancount, Lyn Puittinen, Angela Li Whacky Westboro Albert Wong, Prabhdeep Singh, Simon Baribeau, Denis Lu, Le Hoa Tan, Linda Mills, Anita Cole, Jessica Gee

Thanks to the tournament sponsors Oliver Canada for providing prizes!

Winning Teams:
All Teams:

Lost & Found

  • Lost Rakets:
    1. Matt Medbury - Lost Astrox 99 Pro white tiger edition.
    2. Aarthy Ganesh - Lost a lining racket that was black red and blue with yellow strings and white grip.
    3. If anyone picks up the above rackets by mistake, please email odbaweb@gmail.com Thanks!
  • Found:
    1. A lunch bag with some food in it.
    2. A small size of warm-up jacket.
    3. A tripod.
    4. Please contact odbaweb@gmail.com to claim your stuff. Thanks!

Many thanks to all particpants and volunteers who made this event successiful!

SponsorsOliver Canada
Draw DeskFei Tam, Dixon Lee
Court set upsJames Chen, Yiwei Chen, Victor Lai
Line judgesJoseph Bautista, Yiwei Chen
Healthy snacks for playersThuy Pham
Food delivery for volunteersSon Nguyen, Lynn Vancox
Registration and the drawsFei Tam
PhotographerDixon Lee & Victor Lai
Prizes distributionOliver Canada
Tournament Organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Chhanthy Roth
If you would like to share your information and suggestions, please email to: odbaweb@gmail.com