ODBA District Junior Championship 2019

April 5-7, 2019, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Champions ...scores online and photos, more photos
U13 Boys SinglesAayush Saha (RA)
U13 Girls SinglesYing Jian (I'm Specialized)
U13 Boys DoublesAayush Saha (RA) & Reath Roth (I'm Specialized)
U13 Girls DoublesAdréa Beaulieu (RA) & Ying Jian (I'm Specialized)
U13 Mixed DoublesAayush Saha (RA) & Ying Jian (I'm Specialized)
Triple Crown Aayush Saha (RA) and Ying Jian (I'm Specialized)
U15 Boys SinglesMethira Herath (RA)
U15 Girls SinglesYiyan Huang (SBA)
U15 Boys DoublesMethira Herath (RA) & Ryan Zhu (SBA)
U15 Girls DoublesYiyan Huang (SBA) & Ellen Zhang (SBA)
U15 Mixed DoublesMethira Herath (RA) & Diana Zhao (RA)
Triple Crown Methira Herath (RA)
U17 Boys SinglesYalina De Silva (RA)
U17 Girls SinglesKatie Leela Fong (I'm Specialized)
U17 Boys DoublesYalina De Silva (RA) & Christophe Sylvestre (RA)
U17 Girls DoublesDulika Gamage (SBA) & Heather Liu (SBA)
U17 Mixed DoublesChristophe Sylvestre (RA) & Heather Liu (SBA)
U19 Boys SinglesAndy Bai (RA)
U19 Girls SinglesJenny Lei (RA)
U19 Boys DoublesAndy Bai (RA) & Tony Yang (RA)
U19 Girls DoublesJenny Lei (RA) & Eve Wang (RA)
U19 Mixed DoublesTony Yang (RA) & Jenny Lei (RA)
Triple CrownJenny Lei (RA)
Lucky Draw winners

Many thanks to all participants and volunteers who made this event a success!

Draw DeskCorey Hum, Sherry Wu, Eve Wang, Karen Li, Joanne Sze, Willian Fang, Mervyn Hann, Ping Xiao, Jenny Lei, Justin Sun,Kevin Bai, Andy Bai, Chanthy Roth, Minh Pham, Thuy Pham
Check-in Desk Mervyn Hann, Joanne Sze, Amish Servansing, Fei Tam, Patrick St. Jean, Eugene Lee
Prizes preparation and distribution Oliver Canada rep Patrick St. Jean
Line judgesKevin Bai, Randy Ngo, Kevin Hu
Umpire Thuy Pham, Fei Tam
Score KeeperEve Wang, Karen Li, Joanne Sze, Chanthy Roth, Fei Tam
T-shirts order Eugene Lee
Healthy snacks for playersThuy Pham
TimersJustin Sun, Amish Servansing, Eve Wang, Karen Li, Joanne Sze
First AidRichard Tran, Florence Leung
Photos Sherry Wu, Thuy Pham
Head OrganizerEugene Lee
Organizing CommitteeThuy Pham, Fei Tam
Exacutive OrganizersMike Tran, Corey Hum, Vu Dao, Alan Fok

See you all next year!!

If you have comments and suggestions, please email to: jrdistricts@odba.ca