Oliver-ODBA District Championship 2019

Nov 22-24, 2019, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Results ...scores online and pictures
Mens Singles
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan, 2nd - Minh Pham
"B" 1st - Jacob Lewis, 2nd - Yalina De Silva
"C" 1st - Christophe Sylvestre , 2nd - William Fang
"D" 1st - Harold Curley, 2nd - Ajay Gopalan
Ladies Singles
"A" 1st - Dani Roth, 2nd - Heather Liu
"B" 1st - Valérie Daoust, 2nd - Ellen Perry
"C" 1st - Diana Zhao , 2nd - Mai Lyn Puittnen
"D" 1st - Emily Yu, 2nd - Martina On
Mens Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Andrew D'Souza, 2nd - Liam Woodside / Victor Chan
"B" 1st - William Chen / Caleb Hui, 2nd- Matt Medbury / Patrick St. Jean
"C" 1st - Passcal Bedard / Pierrot Guy, 2nd - Juan Karamoy / Dixon Lee
"D" 1st - Yong Cai / Sen Yang, 2nd - Ty Lo / Mark Mackey
Ladies Doubles:
"A" 1st - Jessica Fang / Cindy Wu, 2nd - Valérie Daoust / Eve Wang
"B" 1st - Jennifer Kwok / Vy Nguyen, 2nd - Dominique Guertin / Louise Simmons
"C" 1st - Le Hoa Tan / Luckana W., 2nd - Emma Souannhaphanh / Emily Yu
"D" 1st - Katie Fong / Dani Roth , 2nd - Andrea Hum / Wish Yen
Mixed Doubles:
"A" 1st - Minh Pham / Jessica Fang, 2nd - Austin Flannigan / Sashinni Senarath
"B" 1st - Glen Gong / Cindy Wu , 2nd - Trevor Ha / Dominique Lalonde
"C" 1st - Giulian De La Merced / Maya Given, 2nd - Lachlan Salter / Rea Tsimanary
"D" 1st - Pascal Bedard / Louise Simmons, 2nd - Dixon Lee / Jessica Gee

Lucky draw donated by Oliver-Canada

Lucky winners:
  1. Oliver Racket - Salina Tran
  2. Oliver shoes - Joseph Lamb

Special award donated by Dixon Lee

  • The longerst distance player: Craig Perry from North Bay

Winners picture:

Many thanks to all participants and volunteers who made this event a success!

Draw DeskYiwei Chen, Dixon Lee, Ping Xiao, Thuy Pham, Fei Tam & Sebastian St. Jean
Prizes preparation and distribution Oliver Canadda Rep, Patrick St, Jean, Thuuy Pham
T-shirts order and distributionFei Tam
Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
TimersMark Vanderkloot
Photos Eric Yang, Dixon Lee
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Ping Xiao

See you all next year!!

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