District Championship 2018

Nov 16-18, 2018, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Results ...scores online and pictures
Mens Singles
"A" 1st - Liam Woodside, 2nd - Minh Pham
"B" 1st - Jacob Lewis, 2nd - Nicholas Benoit
"C" 1st - Sami Mashadi , 2nd - Nicholas Yue
"D" 1st - Nicholas Chow, 2nd - Haotian Jiang
Ladies Singles
"A" 1st - Chinue De La Merced, 2nd - Aswini Ganesh
"B" 1st - Amber Flannigan, 2nd - Lauren Liu
"C" 1st - Jasmine Brousseau , 2nd - Célina Noguera
"D" 1st - Martina On, 2nd - Louise Simmons
Mens Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Andrew D'Souza, 2nd - Liam Woodside / Kevin Cao
"B" 1st - Joseph Lamb / Jacob Lewis, 2nd- Gabriel Pharand / Senthura Yogarajan
"C" 1st - Gabriel Brie / Kevin Wilson, 2nd - Yong Cai / Ying Huang
"D" 1st - Ernest Lee / Michael Yuen, 2nd - Yourwin Valino Costales / Jason Hum
Ladies Doubles:
"A" 1st - Jessica Fang / Chinue De La Merced, 2nd - Valérie Daoust / Nia Patel
"B" 1st - Aleksandra Krawczyk / Mengqi Ma, 2nd - Chyna Liu / Karissa Chan
"C" 1st - Claude Labrecque / Lihong Zhou, 2nd - Amber Flannigan / Chloe Moisan
"D" 1st - Célina Noguera / Mila Walisser , 2nd - Amy Li / Jiyoung Lim
Mixed Doubles:
"A" 1st - Liam Woodside / Chyna Liu, 2nd - Ipellie Foo / Jessica Fang
"B" 1st - Gabriel Pharand / Kalie Rhéaume , 2nd - Haoxin Liu / Jessica Cai
"C" 1st - Kevin Cao / Dana Marie Pothier, 2nd - Nicholas Benoit / Anne Thérèse Thibert
"D" 1st - Matt Medbury / Amy Li, 2nd - Joseph Bautista / Kim Nguyen

Many thanks to all participants and volunteers who made this event a success!

Draw DeskJustin Sun, Jenny Lei, Pin Xiao, Thuy Pham & Fei Tam
Prizes preparation and distribution Oliver Canada rep Carlos Loo
Service judgesThuy Pham
T-shirts order and distributionFei Tam
Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
TimersXue Bai, Amish Servansing
Photos Aarthi Gamesh, Ping Xiao
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Ping Xiao

See you all next year!!

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