District Championship 2017

Nov 17-19, 2017, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Results ...scores online and Action pictures
Mens Singles
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan, 2nd - Cédric Hupé-Pageau
"B" 1st - Alex Jarocki, 2nd - Kevin Wilson
"C" 1st - Nicholas Benoit, 2nd - Kevien Cao
"D" 1st - Steve Lam, 2nd - Drew Rettana
Ladies Singles
"A" 1st - Niki (Ziqing) Cai, 2nd - Aswini Ganesh
"B" 1st - Luckana Wasoontarajaroen, 2nd - Valerie Daoust
"C" 1st - Amber Flannigan, 2nd - Mengqi Ma
"D" 1st - Roxanne Saculles , 2nd - Martina On
Mens Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Andrew D'Souza, 2nd - Liam Woodside / Victor Chan
"B" 1st - Faith Gunner/Trevor Ha, 2nd- Jean Jr / Kevin Markeau
"C" 1st - Yifan Wei / Linyang Zhang, 2nd - Mikael Gaumond / Kevin Wilson
"D" 1st - Wayne Huang / Haoxin Liu, 2nd - Li Geng / Greg Lemieux
Ladies Doubles:
"A" 1st - Jessica Fang / Rachel Ng, 2nd - Bianca Alles / Salina Tran
"B" 1st - Dana Pothier / Evelyn Wilkie, 2nd - Aarthi Ganesh / Jackie Huang
"C" 1st - Lina Liu / Allison Tran, 2nd - Niki (Ziqing) Cai / Mengqi Ma
"D" 1st - Grace Angkasa / Valerie Daoust, 2nd - Lilian Chang / Yuhan Lee
Mixed Doubles:
"A" 1st - Liam Woodside / Chyna Liu, 2nd - Karttikat Tyaqi / Aswini Ganesh
"B" 1st - Yicong Zhang / Lina Liu, 2nd - Bryan Lam / Jianing Liu
"C" 1st - Prashant D'Costa / Bianca Alles, 2nd - Truc Le / Salina Tran
"D" 1st - Trevor Ha / Roxanne Saculles, 2nd - Joseph Bautista / Vivian Chu

Many thanks to all participants and volunteers who made this event a success!

Draw DeskPin Xiao, Thuy Pham, Min Zhao, Saad Khan, Yifan Wei, Li Yu & Fei Tam
Prizes preparation and distribution Oliver Canada rep Carlos Loo
winners of the lucky draw provided by Oliver Canada Jianing Liu, Nicholas Yue from Queens university, Alexandre Chouinard from Kanata Junior Badminton Club.... and more
Line judgesHaotian Jiang, Steve Lam, Subastiant Dunning, & Kaiqi Yao
T-shirts order and distributionFei Tam, Alex Jarocki, Zhengfeng Zhu
Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
Registration Fei Tam
Photos Aarthi Gamesh, Nandhitha Ganesh and Hari Govind
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Ping Xiao

See you all next year!!

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