2014 Canadian Masters Open Badminton Championships

Winners from Ottawa

April 20 - 26, 2014

Art Haber Centre, Burlington Ontario

The 2014 Canadian Masters Open Badminton Championships were held the week of April 20 to 26 2014 in Burlington Ontario at the brand new state of the art Haber Centre

The Mayor of Burlington along with the City Manager, the Manager of Tourism and the local councillor (John Taylor who used to play Badminton) were all in attendance and quite visible - some very good publicity and sponsorship was very evident.

There were 240 players from 6 countries in the tournament and the ODBA players brought home their fair share of medals:

Ian BishopMS 65+ Gold, MD 65+ Gold
Bryan Blanshard MD 40+ Silver; MD 45+ Silver
Mike Levasseur MD 40+ Silver; MD 45+ Silver
Chris DoreyXD 55+ Silver
Peter ChristensenMS 65+ Silver; MD 60+ Silver
Wilfrid CoteMS 75+ Gold, MD 75+ Silver
Solange CoteWS 70+ Silver; WD 70+ Silver
Shirley GrahamXD 80+ Gold

Highlights of the event were many but some of the best were:

All in all a great week of good Badminton and great friends!

--- Ian Bishop

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