Histrory of ODBA

The Ottawa District Badminton Association came into being Friday January 10, 1930 when a meeting of 11 of the regional clubs met to form a governing body to control local badminton affairs. The clubs represented at this historical meeting were:

         Badminton Club of Ottawa *

         Rideau Badminton Club *

         Garrison Badminton Club *

         Church League (representing 10 league teams)

         P.L.D.G. Badminton Club *

         Glebe Community Badminton Club

         38th Highlanders Badminton Club *

         G.G.F.G. Badminton Club

         Y.M.C.A Badminton Club

         Y.W.C.A. Badminton Club *

         Engineerís Badminton Club *

* Actual founding clubs with the formal acceptance of their membership requests by the first elected executive of the ODBA.

The first chairman selected to oversee the start of the new ODBA was H.S. Southam with Guy S. Macfarlane selected as secretary. A special follow up meeting January 23 1930 saw the first ODBA executive elected by the clubs:

         Honorary President HS Southam

         President John B McRae

         Vice-President Col. EW Sansom

         Secretary WN Keenan

         Treasurer Guy S. Macfarlane

Costs for the clubs to join ODBA in 1930 were:

         Clubs of 50 or less $ 5.00

         Clubs of 51 to 100 $ 7.50

         Each additional 100 members $ 2.50

In the early days of ODBA the Badminton Club of Ottawa was far and away the strongest club in the region being the holders of all the major club trophies of the time and with national champions of the day as members

Through the 1930ís the ODBA has several national champions playing out of the Badminton Club of Ottawa

         Margret Robertson

         Ruth Robertson

         Bev Mitchell

         George "Junior" Goodwin

In the 1930ís ODBA was recognized as one of the leading badminton centers in Canada and on 2 occasions hosted the Canadian Badminton Championships (1930 and 1935)

During the 1940í the sport of badminton suffered a severe downturn and ODBA was no different. ODBA in effect ceased to exist until 1955 when Dave Waddell put a lot of effort into reviving the sport of badminton in the region and again getting ODBA up and running.

After the war years the clubs that made up ODBA now became:

         Commerce Badminton Club

         St Paulís Badminton Club

         CMHC Badminton Club

         Navy Badminton Club

         Fisher Park Badminton Club

         All Saints Badminton Club

         RCAF Badminton Club

         YMCA Badminton Club

By the end of the decade the 1959 ODBA championships had 133 entries and had to play the event over 5 days - badminton was back in the ODBA

The 1960ís saw a slow but steady growth of the ODBA with one major addition, the RA Badminton Club, joining the ODBA by the end of the 1960 there were just under 20 clubís belonging to the ODBA

The 1970ís saw continued growth and led by the Commerce Badminton Club and the RA Badminton Club the level of badminton in the region was again on the rise. In 1979 RA Badminton Club member John Czich won the Canadian Menís Singles - the first title for the region since 1936.

The late 70ís and early 1980ís saw the ODBA attain the largest number of clubs in its history (over 30) and badminton was booming.

The later part of the 1980ís saw a small downturn in the club numbers which by 1989 were down to 9 clubs.

The 1990ís again brought a turn in the fortunes of the ODBA with continued growth and a club total that eventually reach 24 by the end of the century but more importantly the sport was again booming with National Championships, the Canadian Open and many other events of national importance hosted by the RA Badminton Club and with many ODBA members winning national titles highlighted by Mike Bitten and Bryan Blanchard winning 5 consecutive National Menís Doubles Titles:

         Bryan Blanchard

         Mike Bitten

         Doris Piche

         Mike Beres


The early part of the new millennium has seen ODBA become the largest region (in terms of members) in the province and the emergence of new stars along with the old. Mike Beres and Andrew Dabeka have been joined as national champions by Kara Solmundson, Kyle Hunter, and Stephane Wojcikiewicz.

At this time in the history of ODBA (2005), Ottawa is arguably the leading region for badminton in Canada being the largest region for the sport in Ontario, with numerous national champions and unlimited potential for growth.