C 2009 Yonex OCBC US Open

2009 Yonex OCBC US Open

July 6-11 2009 at Los Angels, USA

Grade Grand Prix Prize Money USD 80,000 Sponsor by Yonex
How did the Canadian do?
  • Ruilin Huang & Xuelian Jiang beat Ying Chen & Yun (Grace) Peng of USA, 14-21,21-15,21-11 and claimed their first ever US Open WD title. (All four are ex-China players)
  • Anna Rice captured her first ever U.S. Open WS title with the scoreline of 21-17, 21-9 in the finals against US player, Mona Santoso.
  • Stefan Woicikiewicz beat Andrew in quarter finals but had to gave up the third game of his MS Semi-final match because of knee injury. Hsuan Yi Hsueh from Taipei won the match by default.
  • Joseph Rogers made it to the second round but lost to Andrew Dabeka in the third round in the Mens Singles.
  • Stefan Woicikiewicz will meet Andrew Dabeka tonight (Thursday) in the quarter finals of Mens Singles.
  • Tommy Mckee lost to fellow Candian Kailai Zhang in the second round of Mens Singles.
  • David Snider will face the top seeded Indonesia player Taufik Hidayat tonight (Thursday) in the quarter finals of Mens Singles.
  • Carl Baxter is also in the quarter finals but he is playing for the England team. (He was from RA Badminton Club)
  • In Women's Singles, Alex Bruce lost in the second round to the 4th seeded player. Both Anna Rice and Michell Li made to the Quarter finals
  • In Men's Doubles, only one canadian pair, William Milroy & Toby Ng made it in the quarter finals.
  • In Women's Doubles, Stepnane Ko & Melody Liang made it to the second round but lost in the third round.
Events Gold Silver
Men's Singles Taufik Hidayat (IND) Hsuan Yi Hsueh (TPE)
Women's Singles Anna Rice (CAN) Mona Santoso (USA)
Men's Doulbes Howard Bach & Tony Gunawan (USA) Jurgen Koch & Peter Zauner (AUT)
Women's Doulbes Ruilin Huang & Xuelian Jiang (CAN) Ying Chen & Yun (Grace) Peng (USA)
Mixed Doubles Howard Bach & Eva lee (USA) Alvin Lau & Xuelian Jiang (CAN)

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