US Open 2006

Los Angeles, USA August 8-12, 2006

Grade£º1* Prize Money£º- Sponsor by£º Yonex

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events Gold Silver
Men's Singles Yousuke NAKANISHI(Japan) Andrew DABEKA(Canada)
Men's Doulbes Tony GUNAWAN / Halim HARYANTO HO (US) Alexander NIKOLANENKO / Vitaly DURKIN (Russia)
Women's Singles Ella KARACHKOVA (Russia) Joohyun (Johannah) LEE (US)
Women's Doubles Nina VISLOVA / Valerya SOROKINA (Russia) Marina YAKUSHEVA / Ella KARACHKOVA (Russia)
Mixed Doubles Sergey IVLEN / Nina VISLOVIA (Russia) Vitaly DURKIN / Valerya SOROKINA (Russia)

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