Thanksgiving 2006 - Results
Soong Badminton Academy hosted the first ODBA junior tournament of the season and were
honoured to welcome 122 participants from 8 universities, 31 different schools and 17 different 
area clubs.
A HUGE THANK YOU to the SBA leadership team, and all the parents and players who 
volunteered to help make the tournament run smoothly.  We look forward to welcoming all
players to the next SBA tournament January 12-14
GOLD - 1st SILVER - 2nd
BS Jozzepi Foo TDNguyen
BD TD Nguyen & Francis Wong Julien Beauchamp & Andy Ng
GS Dorothy Lui Tarra Brazeau
XD TD Nguyen & Sally Ng Julien Beauchamp & Olga Gabroussenok
GD Dorothy Lui & Kimberley Leung Sally Ng & Jennifer Leung
BS Brian Kwok Alan Fok
BD Brian Kwok & Eric Kwok Kevin Hua & Vincent Lee
GS Jessica Jiang Courtney Leung
XD Kimberley Leung & Alan Fok Courtney Leung & Joshua Chan
BS Corey Hum Sergiy Shatenko
BD Sergiy Shatenko & Derek Chiu Olivier Chauvin & Michael Woods
XD Sergiy Shatenko & Thakshika Ratnasooriya Nicholas Girard & Michelle Molnar
GS Qufei Chen Thakshika Ratnasooriya
GD Thakshika Ratnasooriya & Serena Foo Estella Trieu & Patricia Hua
BS Jay Flannigan Olivier Croteau
BD Olivier Croteau & Andrew D'Souza Darcy Anderson & Karthukay Tyagi
XD Curtis Quan & Estella Trieu Alex Chao & Tetyana Maniuk
BS Austin Flannigan Karthikay Tyagi