SBA 2007 New Year Junior Open

The Soong Badminton Academy (SBA) hosted the 2007 New Year Junior Badminton Tournament during the weekend of Jan 12-14 at the Turnbull School .  Over 120 players (some from as far as Deep River and Cornwall ) participated in 6 age categories and five events.

U23:  GoldCJozzepi Foo, Silver-Jessy Berube-Sodhi.  
U19:  Gold-Sergiy Shatenko, Silver-Alan Fok
U16:  Gold-Derek Chiu, Silver Justin Tremblay
U14:  Gold-Derek Chiu, Silver-Matthew Aydemir
U12:  GoldAustin Flannigan, Silver-Kartikay Tyagi
U10:  Gold-Kevin Cheng, Silver-Ippeli Foo
U23:  Gold-Olga Gabroussenok, Silver-Dorothy Lui
U19: Gold-Courtney Leung, Silver-Tatiana Zabelina
U16: Gold-Kathryn Chengli, Silver-Jenna Flannigan
U12/14: Gold-Sirena Foo, Silver-Dominique Lalonde
U10: Gold-Isabelle Beaudry, Silver-Jodie Anderson
U23: Gold-Jozzepi Foo & Michael Tran, Silver-Julien Beauchamp & Jessy Berube Sodhi
U19: Gold-Eric Kwok & Brian Kwok, Silver-Sergiy Shatenko & Corey Hum
U16: Gold-Olivier Chauvin & Michael Zhao, Silver-Tan Vo & Kevin Cao
U14: Gold-Austin Flannigan & Jay Flannigan, Silver-Darcy Anderson & Jean-Kervens Pierre  
U12: Gold-Samy Coulombe & Manuel Asistores, Silver-Charles St. Louis & Sean Oliver  
U10: Gold-Kevin Cheng & Ipellie Foo, Silver-alex Ziao & Janson Slaney
U23: Gold-Dorothy Lui & Sally Ng, Silver-Kimberley Leung & Courtney Leung
U19/16:  Andrea Hum & Tatiana Zabelina, Silver-Catherine Chengli & Cathy  Chiu
U23: Gold-Heather Aitken & TD Nguyen, Silver-Esther Son & Jozzepi Foo   
U19: Gold-Kimberley Leung & Eric Kwok, Silver-Courtney Leung & Kevin Huang
U16:  Cathy Chiu & Derek Chiu, Silver-Vanessa Banks & Corey Hum