Results of the Air Canada Tournament

In the Open (to all) section

Mens Singles Denny Matitawaer (Amsterdam)
Ladies Singles Tarra Brazeau (Local)
Mens Doubles Denny  & Jeffery Matitawaer (Amsterdam)
Ladies Doubles Sherri Diabo & Anisha Walia (Montreal)
Mixed Doubles Denny Matitawaer (Amsterdam) & Dominique Guertin (!)


In the Vets Section (over 40)

Mens Singles Richard Matitawaer (Amsterdam)
Ladies Singles Dominique Guertin ( Local)
Mens Doubles Stuart Surridge & Dipak Thakrar (London, UK)
Ladies Doubles Liz O'Sullivan & Helen Pengelley (London, UK)
Mixed Doubles Richard Matitawaer (Amsterdam) & Helen Pengelley (London, UK)

Source from the organiser
Eamonn Farrell.