Results of University of Ottawa 2008 Open

Nov 30, 2008

Mens Doubles: "A" Dennis Kutman & TD NguyenLee Turcotte & Mohammed Oudah Francis Wong & Stone Huang
"B" Alan Fok & Hon Lam Le Kevin Tseng & Nick HelmouthJean-Phillippe Chauvin & Carl Clement
"C"Kevin Cao & Tanner Vo Charles Chen & King Yip Yung Wayne Mckenzie & Charles E
Ladies Doubles: "A" "A" 1st: - Dorothy Lui & Vivian TamDominque Guertin & Johanne Plourde Katherine ChengLi & Allison Fogtmann
"B" Jennifer Leung & Kimberley Leung Lien Nguyen & Jessica Fang Lucie Zhao & Shirley Huang
"C" Maria Murphy & Denise Villenueve Clare Yuen & Emma Yuen Katelyn Patterson & Serena Foo
Mixed Doubles: "A" Vivian Tam & TD Nguyen Lee Turcotte & Valerie Chon Dominique Guertin & Nick Helmouth
"B" Alan Fok & Jennifer Leung Hon Lam Le & Lucie Zhao Mark Habinski & Sally Ng
"C" King Yip Yung & Emma Yuen Charles Chen & Clare YuenSerena Foo & Kevin Cao

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