Ottawa District 2007 Junior Badminton Championships


The fifth annual Ottawa District Junior Badminton Championships were held on February 23 to 24 in Rockland, Ontario.  This tournament was sponsored by the Ottawa District Badminton Association (ODBA) which has 24 affiliated badminton clubs in the region. The mandates of the ODBA are to promote the sport of badminton and to encourage player skill development.


The event was hosted by Club de badminton L’Escale in Rockland.  Due to the number of players and the diversity of events, competition took place at two local schools (Ecole secondaire L’Escale and Rockland District HS), with twelve courts fully utilized.  There were a total of 110 participants in the tournament representing 10 clubs or schools.  The youngest player was eight years old.  Although most of the competitors were from the Ottawa region, a few came from as far north as Deep River and as far south as Cornwall. Of special mentions in the tournament are Sergiy Shatenko from Soong Badminton Academy who won Triple Crown (gold medals in U16 for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles) and Qufei Chen from the RA who at the age of 12 won the under 16 Singles championship title.  In addition to the medals and consolation certificates awarded to winners, the gold medalists were also given Tim Horton gift certificates.  As well, many door prizes were given out throughout the event, including two Black Knight rackets and a sport bag.


Following are the results of the ODBA 2007 Junior Badminton Championships.


Girls Singles (Gold; Silver; Bronze; Consolation)

U12 - Dominique Lalonde (SBA); Danielle Cantal (SBA); Isabelle Beaudry (SBA); Jodie Anderson (RA)

U14 - Alicia Pan (SBA); Gabrielle Goulet (Bourget); Sarah Nizman (CBJO); Stéphanie Lemire (Bourget)

U16 - Qufei Chen (RA); Jenna Flannigan (Cornwall); Courtney Leung (SBA); Cathy Chiu (CBJO)

U19 - Dorothy Lui (SBA); Kathy Liu (RA); Kimberley Leung (SBA); Andrea Hum (SBA)


Boys Singles (Gold; Silver; Bronze; Consolation):

U12 - Austin Flannigan (Cornwall); Kartikay Tyagi (RA); Samy Coulombe (SBA); Justin Gee (SBA)

U14 - Derek Chiu (CBJO); Andrew D'Souza (RA); Brandon Royer (SBA); Vincent Bourdeau (FC)

U16 - Sergiy Shatenko (SBA); Oliver Cowley (unknown); Corey Hum (SBA); Karthik Ganesan (unknown)

U19 - Brian Kwok (SBA); Kevin Hua (RA); Joshua Chan (RA); Karl Clément (SBA)


Girls Doubles (Gold; Silver; Bronze; Consolation):

U14 - Katherine Doreleyers/Qufei Chen (RA); Julie Lepage/Janelle Lacasse (Bourget); Dominique Lalonde /Isabelle Beaudry (SBA); Jasmine Breen/Sarah Nizman (CBJO)

U16 - Valérie Breen/Katherine Chengli (CBJO); Jessie Luo/Jenna Flannigan (SBA/Cornwall); Alicia Pan /Cathy Chiu (SBA/CBJO); Michèle Malboeuf/Juliane Racine (CBJO)

U19 - Kimberley Leung/ Courtney Leung (SBA); Dorothy Lui/Lisa Shi (SBA/Deep River); Maya Levin/Kathy Liu (RA); Suzie Guo/Winnie Li (Deep River)               


Boys Doubles (Gold; Silver; Bronze; Consolation):

U12 - Austin Flannigan/Kartikay Tyagi (Cornwall/RA); Alexandre Lalonde/Gabriel Chauvin (SBA); Francis Normand/Omar Thome (FC); Samy Coulombe/Manuel Hasbun-Asistores (SBA)

U14 - Andrew D'souza/Jay Flannigan (RA/Cornwall); Jean-Kervens Pierre/Olivier Croteau (FC/RA); Brandon Royer/Greg Stringer (SBA); Adam Williams/Alexandre Malboeuf (SBA/CBJO)

U16 - Corey Hum/Sergiy Shatenko (SBA); Andrew Foody/Eric Huang (SBA); Alexandre Rochon/Denis Langlais (FC); Steven Cunha/Samuel Chengli (CBJO)

U19 - Jason Wong/Joshua Chan (RA); Oliver Cowley/Kevin Hua (Unknown/RA); Brian Kwok/Eric Kwok (SBA); Vincent Lee/Jack Wang (SBA)


Mixed Doubles (Gold; Silver; Bronze; Consolation):

U14 - Alicia Pan/Brandon Royer (SBA); Katherine Doreleyers/Darcy Anderson (RA); Dominique Lalonde /Alexandre Lalonde (SBA); Caroline Gauthier/Greg Stringer (CBL/SBA)

U16 - Courtney Leung/Sergiy Shatenko (SBA); Valérie Breen/Patrick Sandford (CBJO); [bronze and consolation matches not played]

U19 - Dorothy Lui/Brian Kwok (SBA); Kimberley Leung/Joshua Chan (SBA/RA); Anna Tang/Eric Kwok (Waterloo/SBA); Élyse Maisonneuve/Éric Marcotte (CBJO)


CBJO – Club de badminton Junior d'Orléans

CBL - Club de badminton L’Escale

FC – E’cole Secondaire Catholique Franco-Cité

SBA – Soong Badminton Academy

RA – RA Center Badminton Club


Associated pictures



Mixed Doubles U19 Winners: from left

Brian Kwok/Dorothy Lui (Gold)

Joshua Chan/Kimberley Leung (Silver)

Dominique Guertin (Tournament Organizer)

Anna Tang/Eric Kwok (Bronze)




Mixed Doubles U16 Champions in action:

Courtney Leung/Sergiy Shatenko