Ontario Winter Games 2010

Congratulations to the members of the ODBA OWG Team on their great performance at the 2010 Ontario Winter Games in Bracebridge, bringing back the bronze medal to the District. Special recognition to the entire training team, for their hard work and dedication to the team during the team training season. Congratulations to Team Coach, Dan Leblanc, on receiving the coach Award at the Games.

Team Players: Back row: Samy Coulombe, Liam Woodside, Corey Hum, Kevin Cao, Kyle Cantal,
Front row: Chinue Dela Merced, Katherine Chengli, Qufei Chen, Danielle Cantal, Courtney Leung
Team Coach: Dan Leblanc (On the left of the Back row)
Team Manager: Ann Rayner(on the right of the back row)
Team photographer and Web boardcasting: Sylvain Coulombe
Umpire represented ODBA:Alan Fok

Actions and TV interviews, Team games boroadcasted ...in action, ... game schedules and results are listed on the OBA website.

A few words from the Team Coach, Dan Leblanc

Hey Guys,

Well Training team members, if you haven't heard already we brought home the bronze medal beating the toughest team in the round robin in the final tie. What an exciting Day. BOOYAH Ottawa!

For the Team Members, I just wanted to say it was a true privilege watching your dynamic this weekend. Your behaviour to other players was exceptional, you were more than respectful to Ann and I, you were on time despite some serious sleep deprivation, and you motivated each other throughout the tournament to achieve success. Furthermore, Your play was exceptional and I saw how hard each and every one you was playing to help your team. I wanted to say Thank you, to all of you, for representing Ottawa in the best possible way this weekend.

However, above all I hope you had fun. The team tournaments are so exciting and I hope you guys felt that as well. Individualism in badminton is nice, however you have to admit this was a very different experience than your standard tournament. I hope this experience encourages all of you to, in the future, encourage younger upcoming players to try and play the Winter games.

I look forward to seeing you guys in the area and I wish you luck with your upcoming Provincial and National Championships.

Train Hard,


Dan (coach)

More reports to come ... Stay tuned.

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