OWG 2008

March 6-9, 2008

ODBA OWG Team 2008

1st row: Sergiy Shatenko, Kathy Liu. 2nd row: Andrew D'Souza, Olga Gabroussenok(Manager),Kimberly Leung, Qufei Chen,Jenna Flannigan,Katherine ChengLi. back row: Corey Hum, James Richmond ,Boyuan Zhang, Bob Green(Coach)

Congratulations to all players: You won 33 of the 63 matches that were played. Seventeen matches went to three games and of these close and hard fought matches, despite your hard work and determination and never give up play, the opponents came out on top in eleven. This was particularly significant in the tie versus NOBA, in which they won 3 of the 4 three game matches. With a little bit of luck in this tie, and against WOBA, the team might have come out on top. Even against gold medalist TDBA-2, you took three of the matches to three games. Very excellent play from all of you. .

... Team Coach Bob Green

More details provided by Bob Green:

Special thanks to the Team Coach Bob Green for driving the players to the town of Owen Sound, 7 hours away from Ottawa. Other parents also volunteered to drive are Mr. D'Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Hum. Thank you, team coach & manager, Thank you, all supportive parents, for all your hard work and efforts! We had a very precious memory of this special event.

... ODBA 2008 OWG Team players

Video Clip of some actions

More pictures from the OWG-2008 official website: gallery

Officials: Alan Fok (2nd to the right on the front row) represented ODBA to fulfill the duty of an umpire. Olga received Manager Award