Smashfest 2007

University of Ottawa, March 23, 2007


A Winner: Guillaume Proulx and Denis-Claude Fleury
Runner up: Prashant D'Costa and Albert Wong
B Winner: UT Nguyen and Shahzad Ahmed
Runner up: Charles Chen and James Dean
C Winner: Evan and Jessy Berube
Runner up: Matt Johnston and Allister Morrison
D Winner: Michael Chun and Brian Lum
Runner up: Al-Haytham Al-Jadir and Hassan Al-Hamdani
Winner: Eirean Heidtke and Maria Murphy
Runner up: Kora Mankowski and Christel Johanson
Notes from the organizer:

Congratulations to the Winners and Runner Ups.

Please feel free to give us Good/ Bad comments for this tournament, and new ways of improvement for the future

Once again, thank you for your participation and have a good weekend!!!

Gee Gees Badminton Team

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