2013 District Badminton Championships

Nov 15-17, 2013, RA Ottawa

Review and Credits

To all District Championship participants,

I am pleased to announce the 73rd Ottawa District Badminton Champions:

And, congratulations to our Triple Crown Winner: Chinue De La Merced!

Thank you all for participating in the Ottawa District Badminton Championships, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The District Championships is a longstanding tradition dating back to 1929. There was only 1 period in our history where the tournament was not played and that's because of World War 2. In fact, the ODBA and the tournament was not functioning. But in 1954, Dave Waddell helped revitalize badminton in the Ottawa community, and later on, was the hero behind the badminton facility being built at the RA Centre. We, along with the RA Badminton Club, feel it's most appropriate to celebrate, and honour him, with this tournament at the same facility he helped build.

On behalf of the ODBA, I would like to thank the tournament organizers, draw desk specialists, umpires, volunteers, line judges, photographers, the masseuses, RABC, and RA Centre for making this tournament possible. A lot of hours are spent on planning and organizing, and we do this because we truly believe in all badminton players having an opportunity to test themselves with some healthy competition. And, we do this by trying to providing the best facility Ottawa has to offer, at a low and affordable price, on an accommodating schedule, with plenty of prizes, gifts, and photographed memories. This tournament is not run for financial gain - it's out of enjoyment and love for the game.

I hope I have a chance to see everyone turn out at the 2014-2015 Ottawa District Badminton Championships!

Please take the time to enjoy the photos at http://districts.odba.ca/tournament-results/2013-2014-results


Eugene Lee.


Head Tournament Organizers: Roy Hoople & Eugene Lee

Tournament Organizers: Jason Lew, Stone Huang, Corey Hum, Sally Liang, Mike Tran

Draws: Corey Hum, Stone Huang, Vivian Tam, Roy Hoople

Umpiring: Fei Tam, Min Zhao, and Alan Fok

Photographers: Ming Lee, and June Ng

Operations: Mike Yee, Albert Ng, Vivian Pham, Linyang Zhang, Michelle Wong, Salina Tran, Richard Tran, Justin Tran, Chinue De La Merced, Fei Tam, Shirley Huang, Lucie Zhao, Linda Nguyen and Michael Yuan

All web stuff, Accounting, and etc...: Eugene Lee

Special thanks to the International Massage Academy, My Sweet Tea, Victor Badminton, and the RA Badminton Club.

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