Ontario Summer Games 2016

Valley Community Centre, Mississauga; August 11 - 14, 2016

Ontario Badminton Summer Games Summary

Hello All,

Congratulations and Thank You for participating in the 2016 Ontario Summer Games Badminton Event! The Games (Badminton) were held at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre. We were excited to see so many of Ontario's badminton athletes coming from all areas of the province to compete!

The Games experience began on Thurs, Aug 11th as the teams and officials arrived in Mississauga for accreditation and the opening ceremonies. We understand that there were issues with the check-in at the hotel and do appreciate your patience and feedback on that matter. Friday and Saturday saw Pool Play ties unfold; with ties being played out between all seven district teams. Results from the Pool Play rounds would place the Teams in order from one to seven; which determine their placement in the Knock-out rounds on Sunday. There were many amazing matches being played and a thrilling FINALS as all rounds went to a very close 4-5 result! Please find the detailed results on Tournament Software ; also feel free to share the news with your friends, team mates, family, and anybody else!

On behalf of Badminton Ontario, I would like to thank several people who were key to making this event happen. Firstly, the Ministry of Tourism, Sport, and Culture of Ontario (mainly Ryan Albright our Games Rep), Ross Ste Croix (Badminton’s Sport Consultant), and the City of Mississauga (Clara Grassia, venue staff, and volunteers). Next, we’d like to thank Black Knight (our sponsor and partner of the Games) for their ongoing support to our association. Also, hats off to our Head Technical Official, Ian Lagden, who was our tournament referee and our group of officials who came in from across Ontario. Finally, with utmost respect, a huge thanks to Dave Kumar, Danica Lau, Mala Lau, Linda Lee, Lorna Duquette, and Pandy Chan for the ongoing support in these Games and all things Badminton!

Another Congratulations to the winners and award recipients!

The Badminton event holds the tradition of recognizing good sportsmanship at these Games. This is done by electing and awarding Fair Play Awards to the participants as selected by the Officials. This year’s recipients are listed below:

Thank you to James Leung for sharing the attached photos. If you have any photos you would like to share just send them my way! We would love to post them online!

If you have any comments or feedback surrounding the Ontario Summer Games – please feel free to let us know.

Coaches/Managers: please forward this message to your team athletes!

All the best,

From the Badminton Ontario Team!

Jean Wong
Technical Director – Badminton Ontario
office 416.426.7195 | mobile 647.518.9956

If you would like to share your information and comments, please email to: odbaweb@gmail.com