ODBA "Mark Grantham" Team Championship 2016

Jan 30-31, 2016 at RA in Ottawa

Team Line-ups, Draw and Video
Winners Runner-ups
A MinhionsGiulian De La Merced, Corey Hum, Minh Pham, Ipellie Foo, Vivian Tam, Chinue De La Merced, Aswini Gamesh, Nia Patel French ConnectionsDenis-Claude Fleury, Lachlan Salter, Alex Huang, Colan Lai, Val¨Śrie Suzanne Duchesneau, Jackie Tsang, Kelly Ye
B Les Morts Vivants Linyang Zhang , Yifan Wei, Sam Chengli, Nicolas Tse, Marie-Elaine Little, Dominique Lalonde, Christine Wang, Jessica Fang Everybody loves Raymond again Alan Fok, Michael Wu, Raymond Zhang, Cedric Hupe-Pageau, Kathy Liu, Angie Li, Jenny Lei, Sherry Wu
C Mr. SixSen Yang, Xiong Huang, Yiwei Pan, Yong Cai, Sally Liang, Min Zhao, Lihong Zhou, Yuli Qin Burnt Potatoes Dinu Helyantuduwa, Wilson Chan, Haohao Du, Jason Yang, Lisa Tang, Elina Ma, Dulni Heiyantuduwa, Lauren Liu
D Manotick Alex Lalonde, Tom Tong, Donald Bergeron, Paul Moss, Fei Tam, Annie Schwarz, Radka Lalonde, Jane Graham Pembroke Alex Ranger, Bill Buttle, Joe Rollins, Ning Wang, Bonnie Halliday, Audy Liedtke, Donna Sim, Jingjing Wang

...more pictures to come... stay tuned.

Thanks to the tournament sponsor Oliver Canada for providing prizes and donations!

A large TRIPLE BAG and a BACK PACK were donated for the lucky draw. In order to acknowledge the extra efforts and hard works, the lucky draw was made among all 16 team captains.
  • The winner for the Trible bag is Kelly Ye, the Captain of "French Connections" Team.
  • The winner for the back pack is Faith Gunner, the captain of "Uzebekistan" Team.

Many thanks to all particpants and volunteers who made this event a really enjoyable weekend!

Draw DeskThuy Pham, Fei Tam
Umpires and officialsVivian Tam
Food & Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
Registration and t-shirt orderingFei Tam
PhotosSebastien St Jean, Enrico Kanwella, Vivian Pham
Prizes & food distributionPatrick St Jean, Thuy Pham
Free massages provided byInternational Academy of Massage
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Roy Hoople

Lost & Found:

  • If you have left some shutles in the gym, please contact Sally Liang at sally.liang@odba.ca
  • If you lost some clothings, feel free to come back to check the RA badminton lounge. We found a few items such as a grey t-shirt, a black hat, a pair of grey sweat pants and a jacket when the tournament ended on Sunday night.

If you would like to share your information and suggestions, please email to: odbaweb@gmail.com