ODBA "Mark Grantham" Team Championship 2013

Feb 23, 2013 at École L'Académie de la Seigneurie Casselman (Gym-1) and École Secondaire Catholique de Casselman (Gym-2) in Casselman

Team Line-ups, Draws & pictures
Winners Runner-ups
A Extreme Team Aiden Lim, Liam Woodside, Kevin Tseng, Howard Wong, Vivian Tam , Annie Tzeng, Chinue De La Merced, Yiwen Jiang Never Give Up! Kenny Ng,Derek Cheung, William Yan, Allan Tong, Teresa Tso, Silvia Cheng, Bonnie Lai, Doris Ding
B Get Stone-D Anthony Chow, Kevin Luo, Michael Tran, Stone Huang , Brigette Kwok, Esther Son. Lucie Zhao, Shirley Huang Joo-Lion's Chao Time Giulian De La Merced, Alex Chao, Raymond Zhang, Bowei Han, Jayme Carter, Kathy Liu, Angie Li , Thuy Nguyen
C The Happy Team Lawrence Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Jesse Jie, Jason Shao, Joletta Cheung, Jenny Zhang, Tina Zhang , Anne Wu Demacia!!!!! Joshua Macute, Steve Tam, Arthur Lam,JJ Lamb, Jenny Yu, Alicia Pan, Johanne Plourde, Roxanne Saculles
D H1 Benny Chen, Albert Ng, Tony Chen, Roy Hoople, Andrea Hum, Linda Ng, Yuhan Lee, Lisa Wong LCBO Christian Hamelin, Samuel Chengli, Jacob Forget, Alex Marcotte Jacynthe Lacroix, Laurence Chengli, Marie-Hélène Cholette, Marjorie Paré

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