ODBA "Mark Grantham" Team Championship 2012

Feb 4 - 5, 2012 at the RA Centre, Ottawa

Team Line-ups, Draws & pictures
Winners Runner-ups
A Extreme Team picture Aiden Lim, Danusha Ambagahawita, Simon Yip, Gary Wan, Vivian Tam (RA), Amanda Carruthiers, Fong Cho, Tracy Wong TCJT picture TD Nguyen,Timmy Wong, Jozzepi Foo, Corey Hum, Min Zhao, Yiwen Jiang, Carol Hu, Jenny Lu
B French Fries picture Denis-Claude Fleury , Guillaume Grenon, Marc Chenier, Guillaume Vermette, Maude Carrier Laforte, Iliza H. Cloutier, Lafrance, Melanie Potvin Stop SOPA picture Mike Tran, Francis Wong , Samy Coulombe, Javier Montes, Lyne Valiquette, Thuy Nguyen, Michelle Chow, Tracy Mak
C AIYA picture Chapman Wong , Alan Fok, Nicholas Ma, Alex Chao, Adrienne Ng, Faye Chen , Shirley Huang, Jean Wong. Laurentian picture Saad Khan,Hon Le, David Luhut, Jimmy Chu , Danielle Cantal, Valerie Liu,Cindy Liu, Pui So.
D Charmander picture Ryan Chan , Jack Wang, Shikai Jin, Max Barill,Rachel Ng, Catherine Thomas, Angie Li, Rhiannon Jones. Bulbasaur picture Sally Liang, Ken Chan, UT Nguyen, Alan Chan, Albert Ng, Cassie Cheung, Melissa Li, Linda Nguyen.

More team pictures:

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