Luero Open 2015

The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament

Hintonburg community Centre, Ottawa July 10-12, 2015

Videos: Mens Doubles Final , Pictures of all winners, The scores in the final draw .

Men's Doubles:
A 1st: Raymond Zhang / Katikay Tyagi
A 2nd: Anthony Chow / Ben Yong
B 1st: Anthony Lam / Jia Yang
B 2nd: Jayson Lew / Travis Lo
C 1st: Jason Wan / Kevin Luo
C 2nd: Felix Lafortune-Lemieux/ Cedric Hupe-Pageau
D 1st: Devon Hamilton / Dinu Heiyantuduwa
D 2nd: Roy Hoople / Albert Ng
Mixed Doubles:
A 1st: Kevin Tseng / Emily McConnell
A 2nd: Austin Flannigan / Chinue De La Merced
B 1st: Samuel Chevrier / Sabrina Pelletier
B 2nd: Nam Vo-Le / Marina Nguyen
C 1st: Allan Ruddiman / Anne-Sophie Leclair
C 2nd: Cedric Hupe-Pageau / Christine Wang
D 1st: Fitzgerald Zamor Louis / Marie Dubuis
D 2nd: Trevor Ha / Michelle Wong
Ladies Doubles:
A 1st: Chyna Liu / Chinue De La Merced
A 2nd: Marina Nguyen / Valerie Tesseier
B 1st: Aswini Ganesh / Jenny Zhang
B 2nd: Anne-Sophie Leclair / Yaya S Diiep
C 1st: Maude Verret / Martine Rainville
C 2nd: Emily McConell/ Christine Wang
D 1st: Linda Nguyen / Andrea Hum
D 2nd: Rea Tsiminary/ Wish Yen
Men's Singles:
A 1st: Kevin Tseng,
A 2nd: Austin Flannigan
B 1st: Anthony Lam
B 2nd: Samuel Chevrier
C 1st: Karl Lai
C 2nd: Derek Yu
D 1st: Faith Gunner
D 2nd: Gabriel Brie
Ladies Singles:
A 1st: Aswini Ganesh
A 2nd: Yaya S Diiep
B 1st: Marina Nguyen
B 2nd: Kalie Rheaume
C 1st: Nana Sheng
C 2nd: Audre-Anne Kieu
D 1st: Christina Chin
D 2nd: Samie Li

Welcome 18 players from Montreal

18 players came from Montreal and majority became the medalists of this tournament:
Nam Vo-Le, Hans St Jacques, Anthony Lam, Jia Yang Zhang, Yu-Yi Liu, Richo Ren, Fitzgerald Zamor Louis, Mathieu Bertrand, Rathanak Chao Phat, Allan Ruddiman, Marina Nguyen, Marie Dubuis, Valerie Tessier, Sabrina Pelletier, Yaya S Diiep, Audre-Anne Kieu, Samie Li, Samuel Chevrier

See you all next year!

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