Luero Open 2014

The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament

Hintonburg community Centre, Ottawa July 11-13, 2014

Men's Doubles:...scores
A 1st: Nam Vo-Le / Herbert Nguyen
A 2nd: Jozzepi Foo / Raymond Zhang
B 1st: Colan Lai / Karl Lai
B 2nd: Joshua Macute / Earl Macute
C 1st: Alan Fok / Michael Yeun
C 2nd: Jason Lew / Steve Tam
D 1st: Jason Fang / Linyang Zhang
D 2nd: David Hung / Cole Guleszire
Mixed Doubles: ...scores
A 1st: Marcus Waskiw-Ford / Anne Wuu
A 2nd: Jozzepi Foo / Brigette Kwok
B 1st: Jacob Lewis / Salina Tran
B 2nd: Colan Lai / Rachell Ng
C 1st: Faith Gunner / Bianca
C 2nd: Samy Coulombe / Yuhan Lee
D 1st: Jason / Cathy Chiu
D 2nd: Jiahua Chen / Lucie Zhao
Ladies Doubles: ...scores
A 1st: Jessica Fang / Chinue De La Merced
A 2nd: Brigette Kwok / Jennifer Kwok
B 1st: Chyna Liu / Michelle Wong
B 2nd: Cathy Chiu / Simone Appaqaq
C 1st: Stephanie King / Kalie Rheaume
C 2nd: Rea Tsiminary/ Wish Yen
Men's Singles: ...scores
A 1st: Marcus Waskiw-Ford,
A 2nd: Minh Pham
B 1st: Jozzepi Foo
B 2nd: Chao Phat
C 1st: Denis-Claude Fleury
C 2nd: Qi Liu
D 1st: Linyang Zhang
D 2nd: William Jia
Ladies Singles: ...scores
A 1st: Chinue De La Merced
A 2nd: Rachel Ng
B 1st: Tara Brazeau
B 2nd: Chyna Liu
C 1st: Emily McConenll
C 2nd: Kalie Rheaume
Boys Singles: ...scores
A 1st: Andy Bai,
A 2nd:Brandon Watkins
B 1st: Anindya Auveek
B 2nd: Mathieu Gravelle
C 1st: Christian Loo Loo
C 2nd: David Loo
Mixed Doubles: ...scores
1st: Brandon Watkins/ Kalie Rheaume
2nd: Andy Bai / Karen Le
3 rd: Christan Loo / Esandi Amarakoon
Girls Singles: ...scores
A 1st: Jenny Lei,
A 2nd:Stephanie King
B 1st: Jessica Le
B 2nd: Milani Weerapura
C 1st: Esandi Amarakoon
C 2nd: Kalie Rheaume
D 1st: Alice Liu
D 2nd: Karen Li
Boys Doubles: ...scores
1st: Christan Loo / David Loo
2nd: Andy Bai / Mathieu Gravelle
3 rd: Brandon Watkins/ Sebastien Watkins
Girls Doubles: ...scores
A 1st: Stephanie King / Alice Liu
A 2nd: Kalie Rheaume/ Jenny Lei
B 1st: Esandi Amarakoon/ Jessica
B 2nd: Emily Zhang / Karen


Thank you note from the organizer:

Thank you to everyone, volunteers and players who made this years' tournament the largest in numbers ever, both in people and money raised. We had 133 players registered and raised $2150 for the charity Social Rec Connect. The increase in players was not without it downfalls though - like the 3 am finish on Sunday morning. For next year to avoid that, I will do my best not to lock my keys in the office (thus locking everyone out of the gym so we started late) which takes almost an hour off, along with changing the first round of Men's Doubles to a single game like the Mixed Doubles which would take another 2 hours off. This would still leave us finishing at midnight. I am also looking to getting a second gym (nearby school has 3 courts - 2 minute walk away)

Winner of the Tax Receipts were Jason Lew and Vivian Pham
Winner of the Elevate Yoga Unlimited One Month Pass is ticket holder 0288498
Winner of the Junior Racquet Raffle is Matthew Gravelle.
Links to the final draw results are at

Roy Hoople

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