Luero Open 2013

The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament

Hintonburg community Centre, Ottawa July 12-14, 2013

pictures of all winners, draws with scores

Men's Doubles:
A 1st: Liam Woodside & Timothy Wong
A 2nd: Kartikay Tyagi & Jozzepi Foo
B 1st: Bowei Han / Phillip Villeneuve
B 2nd: Steve Tam / Tony Chen
C 1st: Dan Nguyen / Benny Chen
C 2nd: Faith Gunner / Roy Hoople
D 1st: Alexandre Legault / MichelGravelle
D 2nd: Brandan Lessard / Ben Schnell
Mixed Doubles:
A 1st: Liam Woodside / Vivian Tam
A 2nd: Corey Hum / Kimberly Leung
B 1st: Kenny Yuen / Arielle Beaudry
B 2nd: Alan Fok / Shirley Huang
C 1st: Nicolas Tse / Christine Wang
C 2nd: Tony Chen / Yuhan Lee
D 1st: Guilaume Gagnon-Caya / Salina Tran
D 2nd: Dan Nguyen / Allison Tran
Ladies Doubles:
A 1st: Jessica Fang / Chinue De La Merced
A 2nd: Brigette Kwok / Lucie Zhao
B 1st: Vivian Pham / Arielle Beaudry
B 2nd: Allison Tran / Lina Liu
C 1st: Lisa Tang / Aswini Ganesh
C 2nd: Michelle Wong / Theresa Dan
D 1st: Aarthi Ganesh / Christine Wang
D 2nd: Jianing Yang / Jenny Zhang
Men's Singles:
A 1st: Liam Woodside,
A 2nd: Jozzepi Foo
B 1st: Jacob Lewis
B 2nd: Ipellie Foo
C 1st: Laurence Cheung
C 2nd: Eric Blanchard
D 1st: Paul Morrison
D 2nd: Qi Liu

Our volunteers
Ladies Singles:
A 1st: Lina Liu
A 2nd: Jenny Zhang
B 1st: Theresa Dan
B 2nd: Jennifer Kwok
C 1st: Aswini Ganesh
C 2nd: Jenny Yu
U17 Boys Singles:
A 1st - Yiyang Jiang
A 2nd - Ipellie Foo
B 1st - William Zhao
B 2nd - Michael Duan
C 1st - Jared Lim
C 2nd - Wilson Chan
D 1st - Alex Ponomarev
D 2nd - Stanley Wong
U17 Mixed Doubles:
A 1st - Yiyang Jiang / Lisa Tang
A 2nd - William Zhao / Jessica Cai
B 1st - Michael Duan / Elina Ma
B 2nd - Steve Lam / Aswini Ganesh
C 1st - Mathieu Simard / Christine Wang
C 2nd - Jason Yang / Alice Liu
D 1st - Gorden Le / Lauren Liu
D 2nd - Wilson Chan / Celina Chen
U17 Girls Singles:
A 1st - Aswini Ganesh
A 2nd - Aarthi Ganesh
B 1st - Theresa Dan
B 2nd - Jessica Cai
C 1st - Stephany King
C 2nd - Celina Chen
D 1st - Alice Liu
D 2nd - Sarina Chu
U17 Boys Doubles:
A 1st - Yiyang Jiang/Michael Duan
A 2nd - William Zhao/Steve Lam
B 1st - Mathieu Simard/Jason Yang
B 2nd - Gordon Le/Wilson Chan
C 1st - Alex Ponomarev/Jared Lim
C 2nd - La Peng Tang/Stanley Wong
U17 Girls Doubles:
A 1st - Theresa Dan/Aarthi Ganesh
A 2nd - Christine Wang/Elina Ma
B 1st - Lisa Tang/Aswini Ganesh
B 2nd - Stephanie King/Alice Liu
C 1st - Lauren Liu/Celina Chen
C 2nd - Sarina Chu/Cindy Wu
U14 Boys Singles:
A 1st - Keith Lam
A 2nd - Wesley Chan
B 1st - Andy Bai
B 2nd - Mathieu Gravelle
C 1st - Marley Liu
C 2nd - Anthony Nguyen
D 1st - Andrew Peng
D 2nd - Simon Zeng
U14 Boys Doubles:
A 1st - Andy Bai/Wesley Chan
A 2nd - Mathieu Gravelle/Keith Lam
B 1st - Andrew Peng/Simon Zeng
B 2nd - Marley Liu/Anthony Nguyen

Winners of the draw prizes:

Oliver T-50 Racquet.....Vivian Pham
Oliver Organic Racquet......Aswini Ganesh
Tax Reciept #1 for $1000......Jason Wan
Tax Receipt #2 for $1000......Frank Sheppard

Congratulations and Thank you

Congratulations and Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated in the Luero Open 2013. This year, we raised $2000 for charity and it will be used to give disadvantaged local children the opportunity to go to summer camp with their peers. Aside from the extended time - it was a huge success. Great play, great spirit with another strong field of players made for close matches. Plus, with 120 people entered, 30 more than last year, it is an event that keeps on growing. To accommodate that, next year, the draws will be rotated differently so people do not have to wait around for the entire day. We will run the Men's Doubles in the Saturday am to completion, followed by the Women's Doubles to completion and then the Mixed Doubles. That way, the women can sleep in and the men can have a break between draws. Plus, with increased numbers, I am going to push to make it a four day event again like last year so the juniors have the proper amount of time to finish their draws.

- Roy Hoople -

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