Luero Open 2012

The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament

Hintonburg community Centre, Ottawa July 13-15, 2012

pictures of all winners

Men's Doubles:
A 1st: Timothy Wong & Jozeppi Foo
A 2nd: Liam Woodside & Gary Wan
B 1st: Herbert Nguyen / Hoang-Nam Vo-Le
B 2nd: Kenny Yuen / Saad Khan
C 1st: Faith Gunner / Roy Hoople
C 2nd: Ipellie Foo / Calvin Cheung
D 1st: Paul Morrison / Saif Mia
D 2nd: Yong Tao / Yenyang Yan
Mixed Doubles:
A 1st: Jozzepi Foo / Min Zhao
A 2nd: Hoang-Nam Vo-Le / Camille Garnier
B 1st: Alex Chao / Shirley Huang
B 2nd: Giulian De La Merced / Vivian Pham
C 1st: Herbert Nguyen / Jean Wong
C 2nd: Jason Wan / Thuy Nguyen
D 1st: Anthony Chow / Winnie Li
D 2nd: Bowei Han / Lisa Shi
Ladies Doubles:
A 1st: Jessica Fang / Chinue De La Merced
A 2nd: Brigette Kwok / Danielle Cantal
B 1st: Vivian Pham / Arielle Beaudry
B 2nd: Faye Chen / Esther Ko Son
C 1st: Thuy Nguyen / Angie Li
C 2nd: Lisa Shi / Winnie Li
Men's Singles:
A 1st: Herbert Nguyen,
A 2nd: Hoang-Nam Vo-Le
B 1st: Denis Claude Fluery
B 2nd: Chuheng Xing
C 1st: Shikai Jin
C 2nd: Yong Tao
D 1st: Brandan Lessard
D 2nd: Tony Xiang

Our volunteers
Ladies Singles:
Gold: Chinue De La Merced
Silver: Camille Garnier
U14 Boys Singles:
1st - Steve Lam
2nd - William Zhao
U14 Boys Doubles:
1st - Steve Lam / Michael Duan
2nd - William Zhao / Jason Liu
U14 Mixed Doubles:
1st - Varalika Tyagi / Chi-Hong Cheung
2nd - Steve Lam /Felicia Jiang
U14 Girls Singles:
1st - Varalika Tyagi
2nd - Elina Ma
U14 Girls Doubles:
1st - Lisa Tang / Aswini Ganesh
2nd - Elina Ma / Felicia Jiang
U17 Boys Singles:
1st - Ipellie Foo
2nd - Benn Van Ryn
U17 Boys Doubles:
1st -Ipellie Foo / Alex Chao
2nd - Benn Van Ryn / Calvin Cheung
U17 Mixed Doubles:
1st - Lina Liu / Ipellie Foo
2nd - Benn Van Ryn / Aarthi Ganesh
U17 Girls Singles:
1st - Lina Liu
2nd - Teresa Dan
U17 Girls Doubles:
1st - Lina Liu / Allison Tran
2nd - Teresa Dan / Aarthi Ganesh

The Junior Team

Winners of the draw prizes:

Kyle Lam - Oliver X7 Racquet
Faye Chen - Oliver X3 Racquet
Shikai Jin - Oliver T50 Speed Racquet
Varalika Tyagi - Oliver Racquet
Stephanie King - Youth Jelly Bean Jar
Paul Morrison - Adult Jelly Bean Jar
and of course.....
Jason Wan - tax receipt for $717.74

Congratulations to all!!

A salute to our volunteers!
Your hard work and dedication make everything happen,
thank you is not enough.

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