Entertainment Books

The 2014 Ontario Winter Games team is selling Entertainment Books to help fundraise for the team. The books contain many coupons for local restaurants and retailers as well as online retailers. The Ottawa book can be purchased for $30 USD online (a $10 discount off the retail price) by clicking on our team link here. You will be re-directed to the purchase page where you can pick the book(s) you wish to purchase. No additional information needs to be entered as your purchase will automatically be credited to our fundraising campaign as long as you clicked on our link first. If you wish to purchase the book in person for $35 CAD or if you need more information please contact Silvesta Ng at silvesta@odba.ca.

Thanks for your support!!

Silvesta Ng
Coach of 2014 ODBA Ontario Winter Games Team

If you would like to share your information and comments, please email to: odbaweb@gmail.com